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How to Get ML Ad Tickets For Free

How to Get a Free ML Ad Ticket – Playing mobile legends games with friends is really fun. Every mabar, of course, you always use your favorite hero, in addition to increasing MMR as well as to show skills. When the skill is cool but doesn’t have a hero skin, it feels like the cool level is not optimal.

With that, you must have a permanent skin. Relax, friend, if you can’t afford diamonds, you can also use a ticket to get a permanent skin for free on mobile legend. The ticket will be used to play the spin on lucky spin at a price of 20 tickets for one spin. If you are lucky then you will get a free permanent skin.

Well, how to get an ML ad ticket is actually very easy and there are many options that can be done to get it. Therefore, through this article I will provide information on how to get an ad ticket in ML for free.

How to Get ML Ad Tickets For Free

Below is a tutorial to get a free ad ticket

1. Earn from Starlight rewards

you will get free tickets by unlocking the starlight feature. All you do is press the claim under the ticket. After being claimed, the number of claims will be accumulated to become the total amount. then you will get the ticket.

2. Routinely log in every day

By logging in every day you will get tickets for 5-10 tickets.

This method is the easiest way to get tickets, because we don’t need to complete certain missions to get them.

3. Magic chess gifts

You just need to press the new menu on the map image. then you will enter the magic chess page, you only need to download the data, you will automatically get a give of 10 tickets

4. Season rewards

when the season has changed, usually Moonton will give free permanent skins, additional battle points and tickets for free to mobile legends users. You can claim the prize in the message menu.

Such is the discussion about “How to Get ML Ad Tickets for Free”. You have to be diligent in collecting the tickets so that later the tickets can be exchanged for some skins and can even be exchanged for some of the heroes in mobile legends.

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