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How To Get Mewtwo In Pokemon Go Easily

How To Get Mewtwo In Pokemon Go Easily

How to get Mewtwo in Pokemon Go – Hello everyone back at Pikipo. On this occasion, Mimin wants to give tips on how to get Mewtwo in Pokemon Go easily.

Some time ago the game Pokemon Go was viral in Indonesia. And in 2021 the game will experience many updates, especially for the update of the Pokemon type itself. The exciting update is the appearance of pokemon mewtwo for the first time.

Yep, one of the pokemon that pokemon go players are looking for is mewtwo because it is considered rare and labeled legendary. This Pokemon can only be found in certain places. Well, do you really want to get a legendary pokemon like mewtwo? You must follow the tutorial below.

How to get Mewtwo in Pokemon Go

Mewtwo is a telepathic/psychic type pokemon and was created using genetic manipulation. This Pokemon is included in the most savage and rare Pokemon because it rarely shows itself. Also read: The Strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Go 2021 with the Highest CP

Before you get this pokemon mewtwo, it’s a good idea to increase the level of the game as high as possible. Because it will be very difficult to get the type of Pokemon with the legendary label in Pokemon Go.

Indeed pokemon mewtwo first appeared at the Yokohama stadium in Japan. But don’t think that Mewtwo will only appear in Japan, guys. This Pokemon can now be caught with the help of the Raid Battle feature which will appear in Gyms around the world. And players must get an invitation to join the Raid battle.

Later players and teams will face pokemon mewtwo and beforehand there will be a notification about when and where the exclusive Raid will be held. You have to win, guys, so you can get mewtwo and of course it’s not easy to deal with it.

Thus the discussion about how to get mewtwo in pokemon go. And hopefully with passion and hard work, you can get rare pokemon that are predicted to be impossible to get.

Don’t forget to read other articles at pikipo.my.id 😉 and don’t forget to take care of your health, guys..

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