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How to Get the Latest Free Zem Zepeto 2021

How to Get the Latest Free Zem Zepeto 2021

How to get Zepeto Zem – Hello everyone, on this occasion the admin wants to discuss a tutorial on how to get Zem Zepeto for free easily. Let’s check the review below.

The Zepeto application is indeed popular in several countries, including Indonesia. What attracts the attention of its users is that it can create digital avatars as well as make friends with other users.

In the Zepeto game itself there are several menus such as play, massage, profile and discover. In the menu there are several characters that are free and also paid. If you really want to use a paid 3D special character then you have to pay for it in several ways. Also read: How to Top Up on the Zepeto Application Easily Latest 2021

The easiest way to pay in the Zepeto application is by using a zem or by using coins. So, do you have enough zem or coins yet? Don’t worry about not having zem, because I will give you a way to get zem in the zepeto application for free. Read on for the review below.

How to Get Zem Zepeto for Free

1. Open the zepeto app

2. Select the world menu

3. Search for master jump by typing on the search page

4. Play the master jump game

5. Then enter the training room

6. You just have to play parkour to get the zem

Nb: if you haven’t gotten the zem yet after playing parkour, try repeating it and keep playing parkour until there is a give in the form of zem. Also read: How to Make Your Own Zepeto Hijab Style

I suggest the method above for those who can’t buy zem on the zepeto application. If you can afford to buy zem yourself, you can top up zem, because that method is considered easier and simpler.

If something is unclear about the article above, you can write it in the comments column, guys.

Hopefully this article can be useful for all of you 😉 see you next time

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