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How to get the Instagram Gombal rhyme filter, this is the name of the filter!

JSMedia – Looking for filters that are going viral on Instagram? Now, Jakarta Studio has another collection, it’s called the Pantun Gombal IG filter. Have you ever heard of or even seen stories with this filter?

This time rhyme filter it is indeed currently popular and widely used on Instagram. Now for those of you who don’t want to miss out and also want to get the IG rags rhyme filter, check out the discussion of Jakarta Studio.

Instagram Gombal Pantun Filters

As the name suggests, this rags rhyme filter will give an effect in the form of rags in the form of rhymes. Of course this one filter will be very suitable for millennials. Because usually young people are the best at gossiping.

When used, this filter will display various random rhymes in the form of rhymes. Coupled with various other funny and interesting effects. Making the results of this IG story filter even cooler.

You can use it to flirt with your boyfriend, crush, doi or even your own friends. So, you want to know how to use this Instagram crappy rhyme filter?

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How to get the Instagram Gombal Pantun Filter

The method is more or less the same as other Instagram filter tutorials. We just need to find the desired filter, then save and use it to create a story. Here’s the complete tutorial for you.

Instagram Gombal Pantun Filters

  1. First, open your Instagram application.
  2. After that, tap on your Story option.
  3. Next swipe the filter section to the left.
  4. Tap on the Browse Effects option.
  5. Tap on the search option in the corner.
  6. Type in the keyword Pantun Gombal and search for it.
  7. So choose the appropriate filter.
  8. Finally select save / save the filter.
  9. Now you can use it to create stories.
  10. Is that easy? Just try it.

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Thus a brief discussion on how to get a viral Instagram rhyme filter. You can use this cool filter to flirt with your boyfriend or crush. Hopefully useful and look forward to updates for other cool filters only at Jakarta Studio.

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