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How to Get Copper Bar, Iron Bar, Gold Bar and Iridium Bar in Stardew Valley

Pikipo – Stardew Valley

Copper bars, Iron bars and Gold bars are really needed in the stardew valley game, not only to increase the level of tools but also to make various tools such as spinkler nor silos.

To make your own tools, you need a furnace or furnaces.
Furnace itself can be obtained after you get a recipe or blueprint from Clint after you get 1 copper ore from mining.

After getting the blueprints you can make your own with 25 stones and 20 copper ores.

After you have a furnace, you just need to enter 5 iron ore and 1 coal to make it. For more details, please see the image below.

To get ore the method is as follows:

1.Copper ore

Copper ores are obtained from mines or mines near the adventure guild. Copper ores are widely available on floors 1 – 40. Besides that, you can also buy them at the blacksmith shop.

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2. Iron Ore

The place is still the same in the mine, but is located on floors 40 – 80. You should increase your lv pickage and don’t forget to bring lots of food, because here there are already a lot of enemies.

3. Gold ore

You will get Gold Ore easily on mine floors 80 and above. On this floor the monsters that appear will be more dangerous, so you should prepare before mining on this floor. The monsters on this floor drop a lot of drop items in the form of Void Essence and Bat wing.

4. Iridium Ore

Iridium Ore is the most difficult ore to get in this stardew valley game. To get it you need to go to mine in skull cave map dessert. Iridium ore began to be found on the 30th floor, of course with many strong enemies.

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Tips to get a lot of ore when mining or mining

To get a lot of items while mining, you should not just go mining. You watch TV first, you watch fortune telling programs.

If your luck prediction is good then you can be sure you will get many of the items you are looking for, for example in 1 stone you can have 3 ores at once.
Meanwhile, if your forecast is bad it will be difficult to get more items.

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