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How to get the Armored Titan FF Skin, how much does it cost?

JSMedia – Since the announcement collaboration between Free Fire x Attack on Titan in the last month, a lot of FF players have been waiting for it. And now that it’s mid-March, some leaks about the collaboration skin event have also spread.

One that you should not miss is the Armored Titan (Yoroi no Kyojin) skin. In the AOT series itself this is a titan shifter owned by Reiner Braun. His titan form has armor or hard coating all over his body.

How to Get Armored Titan FF Skin

Then how to get the skin? There have been leaks about the armored titan event which will be released soon. According to information circulating, the armored titan bundle will be released at the Armored BullEye Free Fire event.

And the Armored Titan skin will be the main prize. In addition, there are lots of other rewards that you can get at the event, such as Loot Crate. So those of you who have been waiting for this bundle for a long time can’t miss it.

When is the Armored BullEye FF Event?

The event itself is expected to start on March 16 to March 22. If it is calculated there is a week or 7 days for those of you who want to follow it. So are you ready for this super cool Armored Titan bundle?

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How much does the Armored Titan Bundle cost?

How to Get Armored Titan FF Skin Bundle

Surely you are also curious about how many diamonds are needed to get this armored titan skin. Because the event itself is in the form of a lucky spin, the number of diamonds you need varies. Depends on the level of hockey of each.

If you are really lucky, then you can get on the first spin worth 9 diamonds. But if you haven’t, there are still 9 spins in total that you can try. And for the worst part, you need a total of around 1522 diamonds to get the Armored Titan bundle.


That’s a leak on how to get the Armored Titan skin bundle free fire. You shouldn’t miss this opportunity because this collaboration skin with AOT is very special. Don’t regret later because you missed the event. Prepare the diamonds needed now and follow the event

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