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How To Get All Among Us Halloween Skins For Free

How To Get All Among Us Halloween Skins For Free

Pikipo – Coinciding with the Halloween event where all games are competing to hold special Halloween events by sharing pumpkin and Halloween themed prizes, in the Among Us game, keep calm without any event updates or skin updates.

Talking about Halloween, the game Among us actually has a special Halloween skin since last year’s Halloween event. There are quite a lot of Halloween skins among us in the form of hats and skins. There are pumpkin hats, ghost masks and so on that are readily available and we just have to use them.

Even though they are available, all skins are not free but must be paid for. Well on this occasion I will share how to get all the Halloween Among Us skins for free. For how, please see below. Also read: Among Us Pink Mod APK V2021.9.9 Free

How To Get All Among Us Halloween Skins For Free

How To Get All Among Us Halloween Skins For Free

The way to get all the Halloween skins Among Us for free is very easy. You just need to use the Among Us Unlock All Skin Mod.

For those who don’t know, the Among Us Unlock All Skin Mod is a mod or application of Among Us that has been modified so that all locked skins can be used for free, including all Halloween skins.

In the Mod Version that I share is only to unlock all skins without any additional cheats that damage the balance of the game such as the Always Impostor Cheat or Radar Impostor, so it is very safe to use either alone or with friends.

For those of you who try it, you can visit the following link DOWNLOAD.

For how to download, you can directly click on the link above and continue downloading without any hassle.

How to Install Among Us Skin Halloween Mod

For how to install the Among Us Mod, you need to first download the Mod Version that I have provided above. After you download Unistall first, your Among Us Original version, then install the Among Us Mod Version Unlock All Skin.

The Original version and this Mod version cannot be used simultaneously because they use the same database so only one application can be installed. For that you need to uninstall the Original version first.

The final word

That was the discussion about How to Get All Among Us Halloween Skins for Free. For those who ask whether it’s safe to use this application, the answer is it’s safe because so far it is still widely used by Among Us players.

But if you have more budget, it would be nice if you buy the skin so that the developer is not harmed and can support the development of the Among Us game to make it even better.

Don’t forget to visit this blog again so you don’t miss the latest news and tutorials related to the Among Us game and other new games.

So, hopefully useful.

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