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How To Download Filter Effects On Instagram

How To Download Filter Effects On Instagram

Pikipo – Creating stories on Instagram is indeed one of the most frequently done things and also one of the routines for people who like Instagram.

Creating a story can be one way to convey or notify the activities that we do to others.

Now, discussing the IG Story, of course, everyone already knows about Instagram Filters.

Filters on Instagram are effects that we can use in the pictures we take, be it photos or videos that we will make.

There are many kinds of filters on Instagram, some make us look beautiful, some make our faces round and many others. Also read: Black Face Mask IG Filters That Are Viral.

So, on this occasion, I will share how to download filters on Instagram for us to use.

For those who don’t know how, here’s how.

How to Download and Install IG Filters

  1. Your first step is to open your Instagram.
  2. Open the Story menu, or most easily just swipe the screen to the right when at home.
  3. In the filter section, look for the rightmost filter until you find Browse Effects.
  4. Now, here you just have to look, there are many filters that you can choose from.
  5. After finding a suitable filter, all you have to do is select it and press the down arrow to download it.
  6. After that, all you have to do is open the story menu again, then the filter that you have downloaded will have been added to your Instagram.
  7. Done and just make a photo or video according to your wishes.

A little note, if some filters can’t be used on your IG then you have to update your Instagram to the latest version. Also read: IG Prank WA Girlfriend Filter

How to Download IG Filters in People’s Stories

Now for this second method, if you find a suitable filter and you want to use it on your friends’ IG stories, the method is very easy. All you have to do is click the filter name at the bottom of the story owner’s name then you will go to the filter they use.

Just click on the filter then download and use it to make photos or videos according to your wishes.

The final word

That was the explanation of how to download filter effects on Instagram. Please practice this method to get the filter you want.

So, hopefully useful.

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