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How to create color and bold in Minecraft PE

Game – Have you ever seen someone write colored text on Sign or while chatting in MCPE? For those of you who don’t know, you are probably wondering how to color your writing. In fact, if we only write in black it will feel boring and unattractive, but don’t worry because Game will show you all the ways to colorize the text and, as a bonus, how to make the text bold.

Tutorial for creating colored and bold text in MCPE

  1. Find letters on your smartphone. You can long press S, then the letter will appear or a long press of $ can also (depending on the settings of the smartphone you are using).

  2. Then enter the numbers 1-9, the letters a, b, c, d, e, f and the number 0.
  3. Enter logo to make it bold then type the letter l ( I). Remember letters it will not appear when typed
  4. Finally, write the text you want to add
  5. And the writing you made was colored.

List of numbers for coloring the text in MCPE

  1. 1: For dark blue color
  2. 2: For dark green color
  3. 3rd : For indigo color
  4. 4th : For red color
  5. 5 : For purple color
  6. 6th : For orange color
  7. 7th : For silver color
  8. 8th : For dark gray color
  9. 9 : For blue color
  10. 0 : For black color
  11. a : For light green
  12. B. : For Cloud Blue color
  13. C. : For red-orange
  14. D. : For the color purple fuchisia
  15. e : For yellow color
  16. F. : For white color

How to write bold (bold) and italic (italic) in MCPE

  1. l : Too bold (bold) letters
  2. Ö : To put the letters in italics

How to color and bold text in Minecraft PE. Only 16 colors are available for the color list and are fully available above. So you no longer have to be curious when someone writes in color. Color font can be used in Sign or in Chat. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section, see you soon!

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