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How to create a BBM channel

BBM Channel allows us to get the latest news from a channel that we join. As the owner of the BBM channel, we can use it to advertise something to our customers or followers. Well, on this occasion, TUTORIUS 12 will provide a tutorial on how to create your own BBM channel using an Android device.


  1. Open your BBM app
  2. Call up the channel / channel menu
  3. Then select Create Channel
  4. Enter the name and description of your channel (can be changed later)
  5. Post a photo of your channel (to get subscribers interested in your channel)
  6. Select your channel category and enter other settings
  7. And one last click to save … Congratulations, your channel is ready
  8. You can already post something

To promote your channel, you can share your channel PIN or barcode on social media, or invite friends to follow your channel.

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