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How to Claim Free Free Fire Gifts via Shopee 2021, Hurry up to Redeem the Code!

JSMedia- Come on claim Free Fire redeem code the latest in 2021 so thatgemcomfortable and fun. Do not miss! Here’s how it claims.

There are lots of well-known mobile games in Indonesia, one of which is Free Fire. Since its inception, the FF royale game has become increasingly popular, both for children and adults. The concept of battle royale and third person shooter is the main attraction, so many feel at home playing the game for a long time on line this one.

To support the fun of playing, you can add skins, characters, and various weapons. Coinciding with the Shopee Free Fire event, you can get these items for free at the Free Fire collaboration event with marketplace Shopee.

Shopee Event Free Fire Redeem Code

Shopee Event Free Fire Redeem Code

This is the umpteenth time Garena has held an event for free vault items. The previous year was also held to celebrate its success in getting the number of Instagram followers up to 5 million followers.

The game prizes given are various, such as tokens, characters, to rare skins. To get free items, you must exchange the redeem code which consists of 12 combinations of letters and numbers. Redeem by claiming in the Shopee application. After you have successfully entered the code, the prize will be in your FF game email inbox.

10 Ways to Claim Free Fire 2021 Items

How to Claim Free Fire 2021 Items

One of the prizes that you can get in this event is the Scar Blood Moon weapon skin. Here’s how to get the Redeem FF Scar Blood Moon code.

  1. Check the news or event details on the Shopee intermediary site to ensure the event is still ongoing.
  2. Understand the terms and conditions that apply so that the redeem process runs smoothly.
  3. Create a new Shopee account.
  4. After entering the main page, tap the search field and then type Free Fire.
  5. Select the top menu, then you will be directed to the Blood Moon Skin page.
  6. Click the Share Now button to share the Shopee FF event code to social media.
  7. Then wait until a notification appears that you have managed to get the redeem code.
  8. To get the code, click Claim.
  9. Visit Garena’s website at https://reward.ff.garena.com/id.
  10. Exchange the code so that your gift can be sent immediately.

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Why Shopee X Garena Redeem Code Can’t Be Claimed?

Why Shopee X Garena Redeem Code Can't Be Claimed?

There are several possibilities why some users have difficulty claiming the Shopee x Free Fire code. Here’s the reason why the redeem code failed.

  • The code does not consist of 12 combinations of numbers and letters that are specific to the country of Indonesia. Because one country with another has different FF redeem codes.
  • Using expired code.
  • Using the guest account when redeeming the code.
  • Using the same code as other users.

Easy isn’t it how to claim Free Fire redeem code this? To solve the problem of failing to claim the redeem code, please contact Garena’s Free Fire customer service if you don’t want to bother taking care of it.

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