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How to Change Writing in WA, Auto Feel At Home Responding to Boyfriends

JSMedia – WhatsApp has many features that are super complete and are not only used for chatting activities. So as not to cause boredom during chat, then there is how to change text on WA to be more different and not monotonous.

It turns out that the feature to change this article actually increases the number of users of WhatsApp. There are many steps that can be taken so that the appearance of writing on WhatsApp is more diverse. For example, by making italics, bold, underlined, reversed, or something else.

4 Ways to Change Writing Style on WA

4 Ways to Change Writing Style on WA

For those of you Whatsapp users, of course, you need to know how to change the writing on WA as well as change the writing style. You don’t need to feel confused and worried because the steps that can be followed are very easy and guaranteed not to fail.

Here are several ways to change the text in WA, including:

1. Change Italics

In general, writing that is italicized is the use of a foreign language. However, to chat on WA, of course, the language used is not too official. However, if you use it for style, of course you can do it.

The steps are very easy, just add the underscore symbol ( _ ) on the keyboard at the back and end of the word you want to italicize. Example _Content_

2. Change the Bold

In addition to making italics appear, you can also change the text in WA to make it thicker than the other letters. The trick is to add the symbol

at the front and at the end of the word you want to make bold. For example *Content Creator*.

3. Change Strikethrough

The next way to change the writing in WA is so that the WhatsApp text is crossed out. The trick is to add a curved line symbol ( ~ ) at the front and at the end of the word. For example ~Contents~

4. Changing WA Writing Reverse

If you want to have fun sending messages with your WA contacts, you can make the writing display upside down. If you want to use this method, you can use the flip text application or the Upside Down application on the Google Play Store.

You can do the installation then activate it, then write down whatever sentence or word you want to reverse. After that, the text will immediately appear in an inverted condition. You can look for it in the WA chat column section. Of course how to change text on WA

This is a little complicated, but it can be used as a style so that chatting is not boring.

3 Apps to Change WA Fonts

3 Apps to Change WA Fonts

It turns out that you can also take advantage of several applications to change the fonts in WA. Google Play Store provides applications that you can use according to your needs and desires.

For more details, here are several application options to change the font to make it more interesting and unique, including:

1. Stylish Text

1. Stylish Text

In this first application, there are 90 kinds of fonts available in WA. The trick is simply to write to the application column, after that select a font and you can send it via the WA icon that is already available. Also Read:

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2. Text Art Application

2. Text Art Application

The presence of a text art application to change this font to be more interesting and chat activities become more exciting. How come? This text art provides a feature in the form of colored text. So the message you give is completely different from the others.

The way to do this is by writing text in the application column. After that, use one of the color options by default. However, take it easy because you can also modify it by changing the background image, such as changing letter highlights, color outlines.

3. Ifone

The Ifone application can be directly used for users of the Samsung Galaxy Note, Note 2, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, and S5. While other smartphone users must root first in order to use it.

There are lots of special fonts and there is also a wide selection of cute emoticons that you can enjoy for free. Who doesn’t like the look of the font? WhatsApp interesting and unique? Of course this can be used as a reliever of boredom and for fun. Even more how to change text on WA

also very easy because you can do it with the help of the application above.

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