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How to Change Mobile Legend Recall Effect After Season Update, Here's How!!

Pikipo – Mobile Legend has provided various features as a custom hero display that looks cool. Usually to increase the appearance of hero images such as cool animations, they will be added with spawn effects and also effects during recall.

The effects that are displayed are also very varied and interesting, especially for the default skin legend effect. Of course, having an effect at the time of recall will make us not feel bored with monotonous effects such as the game’s default recall.

Well, if you feel bored with the game’s default recall effect, try now to replace it with a cooler effect. For recall effects will be provided for free but by completing some existing events to get.

Maybe for novice mobile legend players, they still don’t really understand how to change the recall effect and they don’t even know how to get the effect for free. That way you can see the review below for more information.

How to Change the Mobile Legend Recall Effect

  1. Open the Mobile Legend Application
  2. Press the prep menu in the bottom corner
  3. Go to prep page
  4. Choose performance
  5. Choose effects in battle display
  6. select and change the desired recall effect
  7. Choose use

It’s very easy to do that. Oww, yes, in the latest mobile legend update, now you can apply a recall effect that will only be used on some heroes. But it can also be used for all heroes too.

The final word

That’s how to change the recall effect in mobile legend. The thing to note is to make sure that the effects that we will use are available for free. If you really want a cooler effect like the Tas Bag effect which is viral among pro players of the legend mobile game, then you can buy it using diamonds.

If you want a recall effect that can be used for free or free, you must first complete several events or missions to get the prize in the form of a recall effect.

Good luck and I wish you success.

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