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How to change Gmail password easily

How to change Gmail password easily

Gmail is an email service from Google. It is very important to change passwords or passwords for Gmail accounts regularly to protect all accounts associated with that email.

Although Google has strict security in place, anyone can log into an email account if they know the password. To do this, make sure that nobody knows your password.

If you are concerned that your current password is not secure, it is best to change the password. And this article explains the procedure.

Instructions on how to change your Gmail password

Or better change the password of the Google account. Changing this password affects all Google products, be it Youtube, Drive, etc. The following describes the procedure for changing the password for the Google / Gmail account. Please read the following method and follow it:

  1. Please enter the site myaccount.google.com.

  2. Click on the menu Personal information.

    Click the Personal Information menu

  3. Scroll down and click Options password.

    Click on Password Options

  4. Google will ask you to write down the current password before proceeding.

    Enter the current password

  5. Then a column appears to change the new password.

    Change Gmail password

  6. When you have set a new password, click the button UBAH SANDI.

    How to change Gmail password

  7. Done, the Gmail account password has been changed successfully.

From now on the old password of the account can no longer be used. And any devices currently connected to the account will automatically log out and ask for a new password.

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What if you forgot Gmail password?

The above tutorial is explained under the condition of a Google / Gmail account that can still be properly accessed. In the meantime, if you’ve forgotten the account password, there is no other option but to use the option Forgot Password which was provided.

It is not impossible to overcome a Gmail account that forgot the password, but it is very difficult. Because there are several things that need to be answered correctly. For example, the date the account was created, the date the password was last changed, and so on. This will be very difficult considering that sometimes we don’t care when the account was created.

As a suggestion, save the new password in a book. Avoid saving passwords in a text file or even in a draft message as it is very worrying. Or remember the password if possible, it will guarantee that your account is completely safe.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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