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How to Change the BiP Messenger Display Theme, Which Whatsapp Can?

Fingka.com – BiP Messenger is a chat application that has recently gone viral because it can replace Whatsapp. It is equipped with a variety of interesting features. One of the superior features is that it can change the appearance of the BiP Messenger theme. This is one of the advantages of BiP when compared to WA.

For those of you who haven’t tried BiP Messenger, you must be curious. Therefore, don’t miss out on the chat application that is trending on the Playstore. Especially now that there are many privacy policy cases that make many people leave WhatsApp and switch to other chat applications.

Tips for Changing the Appearance of BiP Messenger

As we know that until now WhatsApp does not have a feature to change its appearance. Even though there are a lot of users who want it. But until now it has not been realized by WhatsApp itself.

This is what sometimes makes us feel bored with WA because it only looks like that and cannot be replaced. Even though we can, we have to use whatsapp mod which of course will be even more complicated. Now this is one of the reasons why people are moving from WhatsApp to BiP Messenger.

The recently viral and trending application on the Playstore is indeed equipped with a theme change feature. So that the appearance of the application can be changed and that’s not all. So as users, we don’t get bored easily because we can customize the appearance of the application.

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How to Change BiP Messenger Theme

How to Change BiP messenger Theme Appearance

So what are you curious about and want to know? It’s really easy because this feature is already available in built. So we don’t need additional applications or certain mods. But before that, make sure you have download and install BiP Messenger. Instead of being curious, please refer to the following tutorial:

1. First open the BiP Messenger application.
2. After that tap the More menu in the bottom corner.
3. Then scroll and select an option Settings.
4. Now there are several options, tap menu Appearance.
5. Please select the themes that are already available.
6. You are free to replace it anytime and anywhere.
7. Is it really that easy? So later we are not easily bored with the appearance.


Thus the discussion on how to change the theme in the BiP Messenger application. With the tips above we are free to change the color of the application display as desired. Hopefully this article can help and don’t forget to always visit Jakarta Studio because there are still many other interesting tips that it’s a shame if you miss it

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