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How to Calculate Mobile Legends Winrate Accurately

JSMedia – In MOBA games like Mobile Legends, Winrate or WR can be regarded as a very important thing. Because the Winrate is a benchmark for the percentage of wins that we have achieved from a number of matches that we have run.

For example, we have played 100 matches and have WR 60%. This means that from those 100 matches we won 60 matches and 40 others lost. So, so far, you understand what winrate is?

And when we talk about winrate, we certainly often hear about the term ‘winrate minus’, what does it mean? That is a term that refers to a win rate below 50%. This means that people who have a minus winrate are more likely to lose than win.

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How to Increase Winrate Minus

How to Calculate Winrate Mobile Legends

Winrates that are minus or below 50% are also often an embarrassing disgrace for some people. Because this makes them seen as noobs or less good at Mobile Legends because they lose more often than win.

Although the winrate itself cannot be directly used as a benchmark for someone’s ability or skill, there are many who want to keep their WR numbers from being negative. And for those whose Winrate is already minus, they are trying desperately to increase it to reach a figure above 50%.

However, increasing WR is no longer a minus nor is it an easy matter. Because we have to win more than we lose so that the WR goes up. And sometimes we even lose more often and make the winrate go down.

So, here, Jakarta Studio will share tips and tricks so that it is easier for you to add a minus winrate:

1. Improve Your Skills

The first thing we have to underline is individual skill. Because if indeed the cause of WR minus is our lack of skills, it will be difficult to increase it without improving our skills first. In fact, it will become a burden on the team and cause defeat.

2. Play in the Lower Tier

Maybe this one way to be considered cunning and less fair. But for those who want to improve their winrate, then playing in the lower tier of Mobile Legends is a pretty powerful thing.

Because in these tiers, we will meet opponents who tend to be not too good at it. So it will be easier to get a win and increase the winrate that you have.

3. Mabar With Friends

MOBA like Mobile Legends is a 5 vs 5 team game. Of course it will be easier to win if you play together with friends. So you can strategize and communicate better than solo.

4. Use Hero META

The use of the right hero of course also affects the flow of the game in Mobile Legends. So in order to win easily, using a META hero or even OP is the right choice. Because it will increase our chances of winning with the hero rather than a hero who is out of META.

5. Create a New Account

If the account you have now has a small WR such as reaching 30% with thousands of matches, then it would be nice to create a new ML account. Because if you want to increase the WR to a number above 50%, it will take a very hard and not easy effort.

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Mobile Legends Winrate Counter Tool

So many people are wondering, how many matches or wins does it take to get that Winrate in Mobile Legends? To answer this, Jakarta Studio will introduce a site to calculate winrare Mobile Legends.

With this site you can easily find out to reach a certain winrate it will take how many more wins. So it will be very suitable for those of you who are trying to fix the WR minus.

For more details, please refer to the following tutorial:

How to Calculate Winrate Mobile Legends

1. First, please enter the site ML Winrate Counter.
2. After that, fill in the forms provided correctly.
3. Starting from the total match you have played.
4. Then fill in the Winrate that you currently have.
5. After that also fill in how much winrate you want to achieve.
6. If everything is done, immediately click Results.
7. Now the calculation will immediately appear.
8. There you can see how many consecutive winning matches you need.
9. So that later you will reach the winrate that you want.


That’s a little discussion about the accurate Mobile Legends winrate calculation tool. With the method above, you can improve and increase your minus WR ML numbers. Hopefully helpful and useful, good luck!

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