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How to Buy Mola TV Packages For Live Streaming EURO 2021

JSMedia – Want to watch EURO 2021? Here’s how to buy a package or subscribe to Mola TV, the most popular UERO streaming app today.

Today’s internet has changed many things, including watching movies. In the past, people could only watch movies on local television. Then, unlimited internet changed everything. Now people can access various shows from abroad.

The show that is being discussed recently is the EURO 2021 football match program. If you want to watch it then you can subscribe to the Mola TV package.

For those of you who have never subscribed to Mola TV, don’t worry. Because the following tutorial will show you how how to buy a Mola TV Euro membership package 2021. Read the following information until the end.

Mola TV Euro 2021

Mola TV Euro 2021

Mola TV is not a box object like a TV that can be found at home. Mola TV is a video streaming platform that can help you watch football events. Starting from the English League, to the Indonesian national team matches until 2022. In addition to football championship events, here are several types of shows provided on Mola TV.

  1. Impressions of football sports matches. There are more than 70 matches every week that you can enjoy. Besides EURO, there are UEFA Nation League, Premier League, Bundesliga, NFL, Eredivisie, World Cup qualification, badminton, martial arts, rally, and so on.
  2. Various Hollywood movies and series.
  3. Educational films for children that educate and entertain, such as animation and animals.
  4. HBO GO movies.
  5. Special shows such as culinary, talk shows, and travel.
  6. A TV show produced by Mola Creations.

Everything you can enjoy in just one application. You just need to download it and register to subscribe.

How to Buy Mola TV EURO Package on HP

How to Buy Mola TV EURO Package on HP

If you want to live stream EURO 2021 on the Mola TV application, follow the tutorial for purchasing the EURO package as follows.

  • Click here to download the Mola TV app.
  • On the main page, click the Sport menu at the top.
  • Slowly scroll down and look for an image that says Live Match. Click that section to activate the Mola TV package.
  • Select the match you want to watch.
  • Then select Buy Access.
  • Scroll down and select Check Other Plan to find the Euro plan.
  • Next, choose the IDR 25,000 package by subscribing now.
  • Check the small box above the blue button, then set the payment by selecting Select your payment method.
  • Choose one of the payment methods listed.
  • Then, enter the account number and select Pay to get the pay code.

After selecting the unlimited EURO package, copy the pay code and make the payment before the deadline runs out. Follow the payment instructions until it works.

Your Mola TV Euro 2021 one month package will automatically be active when the package has been paid for. That way, you can enjoy the 2021 UEFA championship through the Mola application.

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Mola TV Euro Package Options

Mola TV Euro Package Options

In the application, there are many choices of Mola TV packages to choose from. First, the premium package of 65 thousand. This package can be accessed not only via HP. You can also access it via the website on your computer. The shows that you can enjoy are Sports, Kids, HBO GO, and other movies.

Second, the annual package of 500 thousand. This package is specifically for those of you who want to subscribe to Mola TV for one year. With this annual premium plan, you can access all the shows on various devices.

Third, the unlimited EURO package. This is a special package issued by Mola TV for fans of sports events, especially EURO 2021. The price offered is quite cheap, which is 25 thousand. For only 25 thousand you can watch all shows except HBO GO for free for 30 days.

The last is the standard package for Rp. 12,500. Starting from children’s films, lifestyle, and original Mola films, you can enjoy if you subscribe to this package.

That was the package information and how to buy the EURO package on Mola TV. The price offered is cheap if you divide it for 30 days. Even to enjoy Mola shows for a year it only costs around Rp. 1,300 per day.

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