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How to Backup Android Data Using Titanium Backup

Jakarta Studio – Maybe some people already know how to backup Android data using titanium backup. The reason is, this is one solution to secure various kinds of files with various formats if something happens to the smartphone. Starting from damage to other obstacles that are not too heavy. That way, you no longer need to take it to a service center.

How to Backup Android Data Using Titanium Backup And Other Methods

If you are one of those people who like to hack smartphones, the main thing to do is definitely make a data backup just in case. That way, all files will be more secure in case of bootloop or other problems. Here are some ways to back up Android data.

  1. How to Backup Android Data Using Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is one of my favorite choices when it comes to backing up various files on a smartphone. Interestingly, by using this application you can back up data at once without leaving anything behind. Here are the steps to use it.

  • Download the titanium backup application.
  • The app is on playstore and it’s free.
  • Make sure it’s rooted.
  • If it is already installed, run the application.
  • Give permission for root access (grant).
  • If a pop-up appears, just check it.
  • Select ‘don’t show this again’, click OK.
  • Then, find and select ‘restore/backups’.
  • Then, click “click to edit filters’.
  • Pay attention to the ‘filter by type’ section.
  • If you want to backup applications, check system.
  • Then click the tick icon in the right corner.
  • Tap on the ‘batch actions’ icon.
  • When the backup section.
  • Select ‘backup all user app’.
  • Then, click the ‘run’ command.
  • Select the application you want to backup.
  • Then, click the tick icon.
  • Wait while the backup process is running.
  • When finished, there will be a notification.

How to backup Android data using titanium backup is a very powerful backup method. The reason is, you can choose at will the parts and types of files that you want to back up at once. So you don’t have to bother backing up your phone data one by one.

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  1. Backup Android Data Using Super Backup And Restore Application

As the name implies, the performance of this platform is super in terms of backing up and restoring various kinds of data on Android. Starting from automatically backing up apps, photos, videos, contacts, and much more without having to root. Here’s how to use it.

  • Make sure the application is installed on the smartphone.
  • If not, download it first from the Playstore.
  • Once installed, open and run the application.
  • Then, allow all incoming access.
  • Click, allow to verify.
  • On the main page, select the backup menu.
  • Then, select the application you want to backup.
  • Click the application section, then select backup.
  • Wait until the backup process is successful.
  • Make sure the smartphone is in standby.
  • If it dies, then the loading will repeat again.
  • If you want to reinstall.
  • Steps to take
  • Reopen the super backup and restore application.
  • On the main page, click the ‘restore’ command.
  • Select the application you want to reinstall.
  • The application will automatically appear.

Backing up data using a super backup and restore application is very effective for you to use. In addition to how easy it is to operate, users also don’t need to root first in order to install the platform, so any version can be accessed.

That was the discussion about how to backup Android data using titanium backup and other methods. This step will be very important if you are doing repairs or the like on a smartphone so that files are not lost. Thank you, hopefully useful.

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