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How to Accept the Latest WhatsApp Privacy Policy Rules 2021

How to Accept the Latest WhatsApp Privacy Policy Rules 2021

Pikipo – The WhatsApp app provides a policy to require its users to sync their WhatsApp data to the Facebook app.

This WhatsApp Privacy Policy will come into effect on February 8, 2021.

Later, users of the WhatsApp application will receive a notification asking for approval regarding privacy and new policies from WhatsApp.

The way to agree to the Privacy Policy of WhatsApp is very easy. Later you will be given a notification as I explained above, then we are given the choice of “Agree” or “Later”.

The way to approve it is all you have to do is click or select “Agree” when the notification appears, and you will still be able to use the WhatsApp application. So if in your WhatsApp application a notification appears as above, you just have to select “AGREE”.

The contents and core of the 2021 WhatsApp update include:

  • WhatsApp services and how to process data
  • How Businesses use services hosted by Facebook to store and manage WhatsApp chats.
  • How WhatsApp partners to offer product integration.

By selecting AGREE, then you have accepted the WhatsApp policy which will take effect from February 8th.

Fill in the WhatsApp Latest Policy Notification as below.

latest whatsapp privacy policy notification 2021

What if you choose LATER on WhatsApp Policy 2021?

Then what if we press REJECT or LATER when this notification appears.

If you click LATER when the notification appears, then you do not agree with the latest privacy policy from WhatsApp.

If the user does not agree or disagree with the policy, then WhatsApp tells the user to visit the help center if you want to delete his WhatsApp account.

So basically WhatsApp requires the users of the application to agree to this and if you don’t agree to the privacy policy by the time limit set, then your WhatsApp application cannot be used.

How to register or re-select WhatsApp 2021 Privacy Policy?

If you have already rejected the WhatsApp policy that appears on your cellphone, don’t be in a hurry to be confused, you can still re-approve this WhatsApp privacy policy.

Later this notification will appear again at another time, so make sure you click AGREE to agree to the new policy from WhatsApp.

In addition, you can also restart your cellphone so that the WhatsApp Privacy Policy notification appears again.

This change to the WhatsApp application relates to the way their business will operate on the WhatsApp platform and how users interact.

So please share this information with your friends and especially your parents so that they can still use this WhatsApp application.

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