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How Long Does OVO Premier Verification Take? This is the Complete Answer!

Fingka.com – This is the information you are looking for about How long does OVO premiere verification take after you upgrade OVO directly from the OVO application on your cellphone.

As we all know, OVO is an Indonesian digital financial service that makes it easy for users to make transactions in collaboration with OVO.

OVO provides an application that can be installed on a cellphone and its use is also very easy, even the OVO Digital Wallet is currently the most widely used by the people of Indonesia.

How Long Does OVO Premier Verification Take?

To be able to enjoy all the features and facilities available and provided by OVO through the OVO application on the cellphone you are using.

OVO provides an account verification feature from regular OVO to OVO Premier users. By owning and using OVO premiere, OVO users can transfer and receive transfers to an OVO digital wallet of up to 10 million rupiah.

Currently, the OVO premiere upgrade process is also very easy, you don’t have to verify to the OVO Booth but you can simply provide an E-KTP which will be uploaded directly to the OVO application and also take selfies with the E-KTP you have.

How to Make OVO Premier

1. Open the OVO App

2. Login and Enter your OVO PIN

3. After logging in, open OVO ID

4. Click Button > UPGRADE

5. Click > Upgrade Now

6. Click > Upgrade Online

7. Start the KTP Verification Process

8. Fill in the data according to the ID card

9. Start the Selfie + ID Verification Process

10. Click Continue

11. Click > PROCESS

By following the steps above, you already know how to easily make OVO premiere directly from home without having to come to the OVO booth.

It is enough to use the OVO application and fill in the data, prepare an ID card and selfie while holding your ID card, you can follow the How to make OVO Premier easily following the steps Fingka.com provided above.

Then How Long Does OVO Premier Verification Take? The OVO Premier Verification process only takes a maximum of 24 hours. You will receive a notification after your OVO account has been verified.

Proof that the OVO Premier account has been verified, the OVO PREMIER writing will appear on the OVO account you are using.

So how long does this OVO Premier Verification take less than 24 hours until your OVO Premier account verification process is ready to use.

Your OVO Premier account is ready to be used to shop and make payment transactions at online stores, or if you order food through GoFood, and various other activities using the OVO Premier.

So by following the steps that Fingka.com has provided above, you can already find out how to make OVO Premier and find out how long it takes for OVO Premier Verification when you upgrade your OVO account to an OVO Premier account.

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