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Hidden Facts and Reasons Why Mori Jin Is So Strong

Pikipo – Hidden Facts and Reasons Why Mori Jin Is So Strong

Hidden Facts and Reasons Why Mori Jin Is So Strong

After discussing games for a long time, this time I as the admin of this small blog will occasionally discuss the world of Anime.

The anime that I will discuss this time is an anime from the manhwa adaptation of the same title, namely God Of Highschool. Before you read further I will give a warning that this contains spoilers regarding upcoming episodes, so for those of you who want to avoid spoilers, you can skip this article.

Back to the topic of discussion. In this anime, we certainly know that the main character, Mori Jin, is one of the characters who has such tremendous power that his friends and executives and commissioners pay close attention to him and sometimes they are surprised by Mori Jin’s hidden power.

The reason behind Mori Jin’s power is none other than that because he is a character who has existed for thousands of years and gets a lot of power from his teacher and experience. for more details, let’s discuss below.

Hidden Facts and Reasons Why Mori Jin Is So Strong

1. Mori Jin is a Jecheondaeseong or Magic Monkey who has forgotten his memory.

Well in the first part I will discuss what Jecheondaeseong is. For those who haven’t read the comics, you can read this so it’s easy to understand. The reason behind Mori Jin’s strength lies in his own body, where he is a Jecheondaeseong or you can call it a magic ape. Actually, the main story in this anime tells about the continuation of the story of the magic ape story that we used to often watch on television and now the story is present in anime form.

A little info: Jecheondaeseong is an ancient legend in this anime and is a very strong character and is able to become a threat to the entire universe until he finally disappears and reincarnates into the figure of Mori Jin.

2. Mori Jin is the adopted grandson of Jin Taejin

Besides the fact that Mori Jin is a magic ape, there is another fact from him, namely that Mori Jin is the adopted grandson of the world’s strongest fighter Jin Taejin. The reason behind Jaejin’s decision to disappear or hide from the world was to find the figure of Mori Jin, where at that time he was about to kill the magic ape until he finally couldn’t bear it after the demon reincarnated into Little Mori Jin until Jaejin finally adopted him.

While protecting the true identity of Mori Jin, Jaejin also teaches Mori Jin to live as a human and teaches Renewal Taekwondo martial arts where this is the strongest martial art besides Ilpo Park’s martial arts.

3. Mori Jin Keeps Getting Stronger To Protect His Friends

Hidden Facts and Reasons Why Mori Jin Is So Strong

The third reason is Mori Jin’s strong desire to protect his grandfather and his two friends, Daewi Han and Mira Yoo. With his strong desire, Mori Jin also managed to get his memory back and was able to summon all the heirlooms he had such as clouds, sticks and his protective clothes.

These three friends support each other even though they have to fight the world.

4. Mori Jin always faces a very strong opponent

The last is Mori jin who always faces a very strong opponent. Mori Jin always develops in every time he fights. he always met with very strong enemies such as the occurrence of ragnarok where he defended mankind to fight against the gods until finally the human side won.

So, those were some of the hidden facts and reasons why Mori Jin is so strong. For those of you who like the anime, it is guaranteed that you will like this anime because the story is very epic and the story of these 3 friends makes the story of God Of Highschool very interesting.

Hopefully this article is useful.

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