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Here's LOL Wildrift Mobile Release Date

Here’s LOL Wildrift Mobile Release Date

Here's LOL Wildrift Mobile Release Date

Pikipo – Games League of Legends is a legendary MOBA game that we can now play on Android or IOS mobile devices. This game has a higher level of difficulty compared to the MOBA game that is now widely played in Indonesia, namely Mobile Legends.

LOL game players are definitely waiting for this game to be released on Mobile devices because of course they have mastered the gameplay and all about this game more than people who just want to play it so they are able to rank up quickly.

The official release date for this game has not yet been announced, but it will most likely be released in early 2021 because there are still many things they need to improve in this game.

Although the official version is still uncertain, there is good news that this LOL Wild Rift game will be an Open Beta Test and can be played on all Smartphones on October 28, 2021 onwards. This was conveyed directly by Justin Hong as General Manager of Riot Games for Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. So wait for that date for those of you who didn’t get the Closed beta version.

Now for those of you who want to play the LOL Wildrift Mobile game, you can download it for free on the Google Playstore.

For those who experience problems such as Incompatible Devices, you can read my previous article on How to Overcome Incompatible Devices in the LOL Wild Rift Game

So, that was a discussion about the release of the LOL Wild Rift game.

Hopefully, this game can provide competition to other MOBA games such as Mobile Legends and Aov so that the Esports industry in Indonesia can grow even more.

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