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Hello Kitty House ID Collection in Sakura School Simulator

Hello Kitty House ID Collection in Sakura School Simulator

Pikipo – Hello guys. how are you today? I hope you are always healthy. Today, mimin wants to share ID props for Sakura school simulator again, to be more precise, mimin wants to share ID for hello kitty Sakura school simulator.

For those of you lovers of the Sakura school simulator game, surely you know hello kitty dolls? Yep, that’s right, hello kitty is a white cat with a characteristic ribbon or other decoration on the left ear and an undrawn mouth.

Hello kitty is a cute character designed by a Japanese company. When it was first introduced, the main target of Hello Kitty’s marketing was girls, but now Hello Kitty fans consist of women and men of all ages. Also read: Blackpink Home ID

In fact, this hello kitty character was also filmed, guys, the first Hello Kitty film was published in 1981 in the form of a doll film entitled “Kitty and Mimi’s New Umbrella”.

So, I’m going to give you a hello kitty Sakura school simulator house ID right away. You can use that ID in your game. To make your game even more fun…

Hello Kitty House ID Collection in Sakura School Simulator

Disclaimer: These Props IDs have been uploaded on Youtube from their respective owners. For those of you who want to use ID Props, don’t forget to subscribe to their YouTube Channel and give a like to the props as a form of appreciation and support from the maker of this Sakura School Simulator ID Props. thank you.

1. Hello kitty house by khairun niswah 89161691649240

2. Hello kitty house by ayu raisa 66161632680417

3. Hello Kitty house by Reni Wulandari 20210327145233

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That was a collection of Hello Kitty Sakura School Simulator Home IDs. If you want to add your Props ID, you can share it in the comments column.

Thank you and hopefully useful.

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