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Hello Android Money Making App, Pay or Scam?

JSMedia – Not long after the chaos of money-making applications such as Vtube, Snack Video or TikTok Cash, now many other similar applications have appeared. One that is currently busy and popular is hello. Have you ever heard of it?

Well, this one application is said to be able to make money, you know. But the question is, is this true and we will be paid or is it just a scam application like its predecessors? To answer this question, please refer to the discussion from Jakarta Studio below.

Hello Money Making Apps?

Hello Money Making App

Hello, what is the actual application, how come they say you can make money with just an Android phone? After several predecessors were taken down by Kominfo, Helo seems to be one of the applications that has been on the rise since then.

If we explore, Helo itself is an application that can be regarded as a social network. Because in the application we can chat with other users. There is even a feature to share videos and also do live broadcasts.

To add to the excitement in this application, various filters are also provided to create stories. Plus lots of emoticons and GIFs that you can use. More or less almost like Snack Video or TikTok.

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How to Make Money on Hello

Now the claim given by this application is that it is able to provide income for its users. From where? Even though if we search, this is only a social media application for communication and video sharing, not an investment or the like.

Surely some of you have already guessed what to do to get income from this application. Yep, that’s right. We have to invite friends to join in order to get rewards.

In other words, Helo provides a referral mission so that its users invite new members to join. For 1 person you successfully invite, you have the opportunity to earn 62 thousand rupiah. Imagine if you could invite a lot of people, of course there would be more income.

How to Register a Hello Account

Hello Money Making App

As usual, before we can try the application, we are required to register a new account first. The method is very easy and does not require many conditions. Here’s the tutorial:

1. First download the hello application from playstore.
2. After that, just open the application.
3. Select the Account menu on the far right.
4. Then choose what you want to register with.
5. After that enter your date of birth.
6. Wait a moment, the account registration process is complete.
7. Now just invite friends to earn.

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Is Helo Paying Or Scam?

Scam alias fraud is the most feared of this kind of application. After we tried to invite people and get the balance, but it couldn’t be withdrawn. Then what about Helo, is he proven to pay?

Until now the rumors are still confusing. Some say that they are already earning from Helo. But there are also those who say that this application is a scam or does not pay. So what do you think?


Thus the discussion about the Helo application which is said to be able to make money. Regarding scam or not, we can only prove it ourselves. The important thing is that you are not asked to top up or deposit in order to avoid bigger losses in the event of a scam. Hopefully the above discussion is useful for all of us.

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