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GetRich Money Maker, Just Click Order Get 600K Bonus

JSMedia – There’s something new for all of you money seekers on line, that is application GetRich money maker. Just registered, you can get a bonus of 600 thousand, is it proven to pay or fraud?

There are quite a few money-making apps that you can try. One of the newest in 2021 is GetRich apk. This recently released application is not widely known so that its users are still few.

As long as not many people use it, you can take advantage of this opportunity to become the first member on the platform. Therefore, here is important information that you should know if you want to become a member in the GetRich application.

GetRich Money Making Scheme

GetRich Money Making Scheme

This application, called GetRich Group, is a very profitable money-making application. After registering for free you will get a bonus of 600 thousand rupiah.

To get other benefits you can do the given mission. After you have accumulated enough balance, you can make withdrawals through any bank. The cost of disbursing funds is provided free of charge without admin fees with a minimum nominal of 10 thousand rupiah.

If there is a problem with your account, GetRich provides official customer service that you can access via the Service menu. There is already a WA number listed that you can call. So, if an error occurs in the application, immediately contact the admin number.

How to Apply GetRich Apk

How to Apply GetRich Apk

Just registering is given a bonus of 600 thousand, especially if you play it. If you are interested in trying it, you can register yourself through the official website. For now, the GetRich Group application is not available either on the Play Store or the App Store.

While waiting for the application, here’s how to become a member.

  • Visit the https://www.getrich.group/ page in the search browser on the device.
  • Then enter the username and active cellphone number. Make sure the information is the same as the bank account account used to withdraw the balance.
  • Create a password that is easy to remember.
  • Enter the referral number and proceed by clicking the Register button.

After successfully joining, do login. Enter the username and password that was created earlier. Click Login to continue to start making money.

How to Make Money on GetRich Apk

How to Make Money on GetRich Apk

In order to earn on GetRich apk, members have to do missions. Use a balance of 600 thousand to perform VIP tasks so that the commission you can increase will increase.

However, before doing the mission, you should register a bank account first by clicking on the Mine menu at the bottom. Select Information, then enter your account data in the My ATM Card menu.

Enter the real name according to the account information. Then the phone number starting with the number eight and the account number. Save the information and return to the main page.

The first mission is to invite friends. Click the Copy button to copy the link to be shared on social media. If you manage to attract many members, your income will continue to grow.

After that, return to the start page to complete the main mission. Click the green middle button, then do the order task on the LV0 Members Area page. The easy way is to just click the Auto Order button. Complete all orders by clicking Order Now.

Only by making 20 orders, you will get an additional 20 thousand. So, do the mission over and over again. You can see the results of the income at the bottom of the order with the title “Today’s Results”.

In GetRich users can also earn from saving activities. Click Financial Management to save money. Within 5 days the interest profit will be visible. To withdraw all balances, simply click the Withdraw button on the homepage. Then enter the nominal and wait for the funds to enter the account.

Is GetRich Proven Paying?

Is GetRich Proven Paying?

Judging from the way it works, it indicates that this is a money game application that uses the ponzi system. Members will be asked to do invite missions and perform unreasonable tasks. Orders placed on GetRich are sent to whom it is also unclear.

In addition, GetRich does not include official OJK permits. Maybe in the early release, this app really pays off. However, this kind of application can certainly be a scam and take away all the member’s money and close the application.

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