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Get Lots of Money! How to Live on Snack Video

JSMedia – Nowadays there are lots of people who say they can make money through Snack Video. There are those who spread referral links to get new members so they can collect lots of coins. There are also those who are diligent in doing missions such as daily logins or watching videos which also get coin rewards.

But it turns out how to earn money from Snack Video not only that you know. One thing that many people don’t know is to do live broadcasts. But of course not everyone knows how how to live on Snack Video. That’s why Jakarta Studio will share its secret with you.

What is Live Streaming Snack Video?

Many people know Snack Video as a social networking site for sharing short videos. But in fact, the features in this one application are not just that. It also has a feature to do live streaming like the one on Youtube.

So users can broadcast live which will be watched by their followers. This is one way to make money from Snack Video other than inviting friends or creating short video content.

How to Earn Money from Live Snack Videos

How to Live Snack Videos

Most people only know that the virtual currency used in Snack Video is coins or cash. Even though there are other currencies called Diamonds and Scoin, but not many people know. This is a special currency that is only used as donations to streamers.

That’s right, when a user broadcasts live and is seen by his followers, they can get donations or donations from the audience in the form of this diamond currency. Where it also adds to the income of the streamer itself.

Then the diamond will be converted into Scoin currency after being received by the streamers. If enough has been collected, then the results can be disbursed in USD or rupiah. For more details, you can read how to get snack diamond Video.

Can’t Live? Here’s How To Overcome It

Maybe after reading the explanation above you are immediately curious and want to try doing a live broadcast. But when I tried it, I couldn’t find the feature to do this live streaming. Why is that?

This is because there are special requirements for doing live broadcasts. That is, your account must have a minimum number of followers of 100 people. Then the new live streaming feature will be available.

In other words, if you are a new user, you cannot do live broadcasts. You have to create interesting content first to add followers so that the live feature is available and you can use it.

How to Do Live Snack Videos

Now, if you have made sure your account meets the requirements above, you can immediately try live. How to? It’s really easy, just follow the tutorial from Jakarta Studio below:

1. Open your video Snack application.
2. Tap the (+) menu in the middle.
3. After that select the Live option in the corner.
4. Add your title and thumbnail.
5. Make sure everything is ready.
6. Finally, just tap Live to start.
7. You have successfully broadcast live.


This is a complete explanation of how to live stream on Snack Video. This is one of the best ways to make money on the app. Because the value of the diamonds you get will be greater than the coins we usually use. Therefore, start trying to do live broadcasts to get a lot of followers.

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