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Get 1000 Free FF Diamonds From Booyah Live App

Fingka.com – Get 1000 Free FF Diamonds from the Booyah Application for you Free Fire Indonesia game players.

Booyah Live App is a live streaming application provided by Garena Free Fire for you FF game players to be able to do live streaming while playing Free Fire games.

The Booyah Live App is available for download for both Android and IOS users.

You can download via Google Playstore via this Download Booyah Live App link

1000 Diamond FF Free From Booyah Live App

Currently Booyah Live App is distributing 1000 free Diamond FF which you can get just by watching FF Game Streaming live through the Booyah Live App.

To be able to get 1000 Free FF Diamonds from this Booyah Live App, you must log in using your FF Game account to this Booyah Live App.

This Booyah Live App is the official application from Garena Free Fire since January 2021.

Download Booyah Live App Free 1000 diamonds FF

Free 1000 Diamond FF prizes will be sent directly to the FF game account you are playing.

The winner of 1000 Diamond FF from the Booyah Live App will be determined directly from the Booyah Live App, calculated from the length of time you watch the Free Fire game live streaming on the Booyah Live app.

Come on, take this opportunity, just by watching the live streaming of the FF game that you like directly from the Booyah Live App, you will easily get 1000 free FF diamonds.

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