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Funny Dino Troops Attack TikTok, Here's the Explanation

Funny Dino Troops Attack TikTok, Here's the Explanation

Pikipo – Trends in Social Media are always changing – change every time. There are always things that are viral and sometimes also become a trend in cyberspace.

Now discussing something viral, this time there is a troop that is quite disturbing. Annoying what is meant here does not mean negative, but disturbing which is unique, funny, and quite grabs a lot of attention, especially among young people.

The troop that grabbed a lot of attention was the Dino Troop. There are a lot of Dino troops and they appear everywhere especially on TikTok.

For those of you who are wondering, what exactly are the Dino Troops? just give an explanation below.

What is Dino Squad

Funny Dino Troops Attack TikTok, Here's the Explanation

Dino’s troops are netizens, especially TikTok application users who simultaneously use a Profile Photo of a Funny Dinosaur Picture. So, the term Dino itself comes from the word Dinosaur, and because of the large number of TikTok users in Indonesia, these Dino Troops always appear in every Comment or video that appears on our FYP TikTok.

These Dino Troops are vying to be the most. That’s why they are nicknamed the Dino Troops.

There are many Dino Troops, ranging from Red Dino, Black Dino, Purple Dino, Blue Dino and many others.

For the Dino troops themselves, most of them use the Dino Image as the Logo or mascot of their group.

An example is BTS Purple Dino Squad. The Ungu Dino Troops are actually BTS ARMYs who compactly use the Purple Dino Image with the BTS logo on their shirts.

So, that’s the explanation from the Dino Squad that went viral on TikTok.

How To Be A Dino Squad

Funny Dino Troops Attack TikTok, Here's the Explanation

If you already understand what a Dino Troop is and want to try to become a Dino Troop then what you have to do is very easy.

First, you just have to find which Dino Picture suits you best.

For example, if you like Red Dino, you just have to change your Social Media Profile Photo with a Red Dino image and enliven Social Media as a Red Dino Troop.

That’s roughly the way to become a Dino Squad.

Most Dino Troops On TikTok

For the Dino troop the most users on TikTok are the Red Dino Troops. They are almost always in every Comment on TikTok videos. If you don’t believe it, all you have to do is open your TikTok App and open Comments, surely you will find them.

For the next order, there are Black Dino and Purple Dino BTS troops.

As we know that there are very many BTS Army in Indonesia, especially women. Uniquely, these soldiers are very compact, and most of them must have used the Purple Dino Photo as their profile photo.

The final word

That was the discussion and explanation about the Dino Troop that went viral on TikTok. If you like it, please try to become one of the Dino Troops.

It must be remembered that this is something that is used as entertainment, so we must always take the positive side, especially now that we are still in a pandemic period, so things like this can be one of the entertainments for all of us.

Thank you and hopefully useful.

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