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FUND System Busy? Know the Cause and 3 Ways to Overcome the DANA Error!

JSMedia – Even though it’s already an app e-wallet In large numbers, users often encounter this busy DANA system problem in their application. This complaint can be resolved with the following information.

People are now making electronic wallets a new lifestyle. With this digital product, traditional payments seem to have been evicted. Many choose this online payment because it is more effective.

Just tap the menu option in the application, then send the required amount of money. Application e-wallet This can be used for many transactions purposes. Starting from money transfers, bill payments, purchasing goods in e-commerce, and there are many other options. No wonder people are comfortable using it, because the transaction process can be done anytime and anywhere as long as an internet connection is available.

Of the many choices e-wallet, DANA can be an option for you to consider. Security guarantees and features seem to be unquestionable. Unfortunately, the problem with the DANA system being busy is still often experienced by users.

What Causes the DANA System Error?

What Causes the DANA System Error?

Payment applications must of course be equipped with a good security system. In addition, display user interface until the addition of features must also always be updated in order to maximize its usability.

For reasons under maintenance this is the system e-wallet it often crashes. So that it causes disruption of transaction activities, especially when they are being carried out updates overall. Then how to solve it?

How to Troubleshoot the DANA System Is Busy

How to Troubleshoot the DANA System Is Busy

  • Using Other Devices

Cause of error on e-wallet This could also be because the device you are using has a problem. This usually only happens in a few user just. Well, the way you can do it is with login on other devices that have different or more operating systems updates. Make sure the device is compatible with the DANA app.

  • Changing Device Network

Network disturbances are also often the cause of the DANA system error. If the provider network you are using is unstable, of course it will have an impact on the use of this application. So, don’t blame the application system for an error because maybe the HP network is in trouble.

Therefore, try using another internet network. You can switch your cellular quota usage to a WiFi network or vice versa until the DANA application can be used again.

  • Contacting DANA Customer Service on 4 Different Platforms

The two methods above have been done, but there are no signs of the application returning to normal and the error still occurs. The most likely cause is under maintenance previously described. This error handling is usually done to improve the performance of the features in it for the satisfaction of DANA customers.

If this problem occurs, it doesn’t mean you have to wait until the system returns to normal. You have the right to file an objection or report when the DANA system is busy quite often and it really interferes with daily usage activities.

The trick is to contact DANA customer service who can be contacted via 4 platforms, namely Email, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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How to Submit a Complaint to DANA Customer Service

How to Submit a Complaint to DANA Customer Service

With the availability of these 4 platforms, you don’t need to visit the DANA office which may be far from your domicile. Then how to submit a complaint or complaint report if there is a problem with the DANA application?

You can directly comment or send messages via their Instagram account at @dana.id. To convey this problem, you can also send a message via @danawallet on Twitter and Facebook.

If you want to send a clear and complete chronology, email can be a suitable alternative to contact DANA CS. While waiting for a response from CS, you can perform the handling previously described.

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