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Functions of All Buff Items In WormsZone.io Android Worm Zone

Functions of All Buff Items In WormsZone.io Android

Pikipo – For this time I will discuss the worm game again because I myself also love this game.
For those of you who may be confused about the function or usability of the items in the WormsZone.io game, maybe this article can help you.

Immediately, here are the items in this WormsZone.io game and their functions:

1. Item Magnet

worm zone magnet items

This item with red and blue colors has a function like a magnet that can attract all the food around its mouth.

This item is very helpful for increasing our points, especially when our worms are big, it’s guaranteed that the small worms won’t eat hahaha.

2.Radar Items

worm zone radar

This purple item functions as a radar that shows where the dead worms collided so that you can easily find out the location of a lot of food.

This item is very suitable for those of you who play barbarian as hunter worms, but this item is less effective if it is not combined with a boost item that can increase speed so that our points do not decrease due to too many pressing of the gas.

3. Item Speed ​​Up (Boost Item)

wormszone android trick

The function of this green item is like noss on a racing car where this item will increase the standard speed of the worm by a few percent so that you will be faster to roam for food than other worms.

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4. Item Turn (Turn Item)

worm zone turn item

Maybe many of you are confused about what the function of this item is.
The function of this item is actually as an additional maneuver to turn, making it easier for us to avoid or attack other worms suddenly.
This item is very useful when our worms are big, because big worms are difficult to avoid.

5. Zoom Items

worm zone zoom

This is the best item for those of you who like to play barbarian because the function of this item is to zoom our screen higher, so that our perspective becomes wider and we can know what is happening around us.

6. Multiple Items ( X5)

The function of this blue item is to make the worms get gold faster, especially when they find dead worms hmmm mamam.

Its function is to multiply our food points by 5X as long as this item’s buff is active.
So for example the food point is 10 then the points obtained are 50, and so on.
So if you find this item, don’t leave it behind, and again don’t forget to combine it with a magnet item to make it more joss.

Now that was the function of the items in the WormsZone.io game or the worm zone.
Hope it is useful.

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