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Free Fire Space for Free Skins and Diamonds, Original or Hoax?

JSMedia – When offered a free skin or diamond free fire, of course no one will refuse it. Because everyone would like the name free. As offered by several sites that Jakarta Studio has discussed before.

Just say it luckyspin2021, eventff2021 or ffid.xyz, all these sites are claimed to be able to give prizes in the form of skins and DM ff for free. But in fact they are just a phishing site that aims to steal the victim’s account.

What About Free Fire Space?

Well maybe you also know about a site called freefire.space who also claims that they can provide rewards in the form of skins and diamonds for free. Is this site genuine or is it the same as other phishing sites?

If we visit freefire.space website, it will display the various kinds of rewards available. Starting from characters, weapon skins, gloo wall skins, grenade skins, parachute skins, car skins to free diamonds with varying amounts.

The site seems to free anyone to choose which prizes they want, whether in the form of skin items or diamonds. And he said all of that was shared and will be sent to our free fire account for free. Is it true?

Freefire.space Is A Phishing Site

freefire.space site free diamond skin ff

Maybe there is no need to question this. Because it can be guessed that the site is a website that was deliberately created by phishing perpetrators. Where the method used is to offer free gifts in the form of skins and diamonds.

For those who are laymen, seeing that they are offered such a good gift, they will immediately be tempted. They will try to choose which reward they want. If this is the case, then the victim has eaten the bait from the perpetrator.

And when the victim chooses one of the skins and diamonds, he will definitely be asked to enter his free fire account login information. In other words, we have to provide the user/ID along with the ff account password.

He said the information is needed for the claim process and prize delivery. Later the reward that you have chosen will be sent directly to the mail in ingame free fire. But of course this is just a trick of the perpetrator to get the victim’s ff account login information.

Affected by Phishing Can Make FF Account Hacked

freefire.space site free diamond skin ff

Phishing itself is a fraudulent method that aims to steal the account data of its victims. Usually the perpetrators will create certain sites that are made similar to the original in order to deceive their victims, as is the case with freefire.space.

And if the victim has entered the trap and entered his account data, then the information will be sent to the perpetrator. It is predictable what will happen, the perpetrator can log in and hack the accounts of the victims.

If you have this, it will be difficult to regain access to the hacked account. Especially if the perpetrator has changed his account email or password. Then it is unlikely that the free fire account that has been taken over can return.

How to Avoid and Overcome Phishing

Right now, there are a lot of free fire phishing sites popping up. Jakarta studio itself has already discussed several of its sites. And many also claim to have become victims of these sites.

So how do we avoid becoming victims? The best way to avoid phishing sites is not to be easily tempted if there are parties who offer free skins or free fire diamonds.

Especially if it is not from the official Garena. Usually characterized by the use of free or cheap domains. It is almost certain that it is a phishing site that is trying to hack your ff account.

Then what if we have already entered account information into a phishing site? Then immediately change the password and activate 2-step verification. This will make your account not easily hacked by the perpetrator.


So that’s a brief discussion about the freefire.space site that is currently viral. It turns out that once again the site that offers free ff skins and diamonds is just a phishing method to steal our free fire account data. You should always be careful and alert and don’t easily trust this kind of site.

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