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Free Download x8ds.com China Apk Latest Version, Direct Download Here!

JSMedia – Played online game it is able to give its own sensation, especially the smelly game beattle nor bet. Existence x8ds.com China apk will brighten up your game even more.

This application is one of the speeder applications that works for hack game, to increase the speed. Amazingly, the application will make your strategy unreadable to the enemy.

3 Ways to Install x8ds.com China Apk

There is a wide selection of speeder apps that you can download, but the majority will have ads. Unlike the x8ds.com China apk, which has less interference, so the game can run smoothly.

However, this speeder application is a Chinese version, so it cannot be found in the Playstore or App Store. To install it, you can follow the following guide:

1. Download App

Even though it’s not available on the Playstore or App Store, that doesn’t mean there’s no way to download it. You can click link https://bit.ly/3gGxyBU to start the process download.

2. Change Permissions

To be able to install it, you need to change the permissions settings first. To do this, open Settings and then activate the Install Applications from Unknown Sources option.

3. Install the Application

After the permission settings have been changed, you can continue by installing the x8ds.com China apk application. Click install, wait until the process is complete.

5 Ways to Use the x8ds.com China App

5 Ways to Use the x8ds.com China App

Basically, the use of the Chinese version of x8ds is the same as other speeder applications. Only the vendors are different and it doesn’t have much effect. To be clear, the following guidelines can be applied:

  1. Run the installed application.
  2. Choose games whose speed you want to hack using speeder app.
  3. Activate the game that has been selected, wait until the process download patches finished.
  4. Run games accelerated, press icon x8ds.com China app that appears on the screen.
  5. Set the desired game speed, it can be faster or slower.

4 List of Games That Can Use x8ds.com China

How, have you successfully installed the speeder application? If so, then it’s time to practice directly. Here’s a list games which you can play:

1. Fate_GO


Fate_Go is one of the most successful gacha games in the world games on line. Achievements in the ranks top grossing game in Japan is one proof of his success.

2. Soul Knight

Soul Knight

Inspired by Enter the Gungeon, games Soul Knight invites players to dive into a dungeon that is a very dark land. You have to be able to use your weapons properly, because monsters are ready to attack at any time.

To level up, you have to kill all the monsters in the dungeon. In addition to the design that is always different, the fun of Soul Knight is also in the coins that can be used to buy levels and character improvements.

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3. Brown Dust

Brown Dust

Not much different from the previous point, Brown Dust also includes a game of strategy and strength. The difference is, the monsters in this game are called Mercenaries which are divided into several types, namely Warrior, Magician, Defender, Supporter and Special.

Mercenaries in this game made by Neowiz Games have several grades, the highest is 6 stars. It’s just that, you have to prepare 5 heroes with five stars as a sacrifice for upgrade.

4. Higgs Domino

Higgs Domino

Dominoes is a strategy fighting game, where players need time to think. This time is what often triggers boredom, so you need a speeder application to speed up the pace of the game.

In addition to the list above, there are many other games that you can access, such as Subway Surfer, Food Fantasy, or Domino Island. Download x8ds.com China apk via link above and prove the awesome fun.

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