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Forgot your cellphone number? How to Check Number By U Without Application

Fingka.com – Humans are in the wrong place and forget. And not infrequently many of us forget the cellphone number that we use. Maybe some of you By U card users have experienced it. Then how’s that? how to check the forgotten simcard By U number? It’s actually really easy, we can even do it without using an application.

What is By.U?

By.U is an all-digital internet provider that has been around for a long time in Indonesia. Since its release, many people, especially young people, have been enthusiastic about trying the services of this one provider. This is not without reason, because By.U is able to present lots of cheap internet promos.

That is one of the reasons why many people switch to using By.U. It is a provider that fits the needs of today’s digital era. By U offers a variety of cheap 24-hour internet packages without shared quotas like other providers.

Forgot By U Number, How To See It?

This kind of thing is very common, especially for those of you who are lazy to keep your own number because you already know it by heart. However, the name people forget can happen to anyone and at any time. So there are also many By U users who suddenly forget how many simcard numbers they use. Then how to overcome this?

Usually every provider will provide a way to check the forgotten simcard number, as well as By U. There are tips that you can use when you forget your cellphone number. This is very important for you to know. Because if you don’t know our simcard number, it will be difficult to top up the credit.

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How to Check Number By U With the Application

How to Check Number By U

The first way is to use an application. Provider By U has also provided a special application to manage its customers’ simcards. To find out the HP By U number that we are using, simply login to the By U application. For more details, see the following tutorial:

1. First download the By U application first.
2. Next, open the application.
3. Select the option ‘Already have a number? Login’.
4. After that select login with gmail.
5. Login with the email that was used to register.
6. Wait a moment, it will login automatically.
7. There you will immediately see your By U number.

How to Check Number By U Without Application

How to Check Number By U

Well, many are confused when they want to know the By U number but also can’t log into the application either because they forgot their email or don’t have an internet connection. But don’t worry because there are other ways. You just need to dial *808# and wait, then your By U number information will be displayed immediately. Is that easy?


Those are some tips and tricks to check the forgotten number by u without an application. Hopefully the tutorial above can provide a solution for those of you who have forgotten your own simcard number. After knowing, please immediately record it so that in the future it is not confused and easy to find. Good luck and good luck!

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