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Fix PC Errors, 4 Ways to Update Windows 10 to Maintain Quality and Compatibility

JSMedia – Windows is one of Microsoft’s flagship products today. As a user, you should know how to update windows 10. As we know, Windows 10 is the latest operating system and is widely used around the world. However, the update in it is another problem.

Some users don’t know how to update properly, while others have a bad internet connection. As a user, of course, you have to know what the correct way to update is. The goal is to increase quality, maintain compatibility, and fix errors.

4 Easiest Ways to Update Windows 10

Even if you don’t have experience, Windows 10 updates can be done easily. In full, here’s the tutorial:

1. Via Update Assistant

1. Via Update Assistant

This method is the easiest and often used by Windows users. Windows 10 provides help features, such as an update assistant. The main requirement for using this feature is that an internet connection must be qualified.

As an alternative, it’s a good idea to use WiFi because it tends to be more stable. The connection also saves quota, considering that Windows 10 updates can take up to 4 GB of quota. Here’s the tutorial:

  • Make file backups for important data that you have.
  • Create a recovery drive if necessary.
  • Find Windows 10 downloaded files downloaded to start the system installation.
  • Run the app Update Assistant.
  • Next click Update Now.
  • Wait until the download process is complete.
  • Before the process runs, Windows will check the device used first. It is intended that the device complies with the existing conditions or not.
  • After that, select Next.
  • Wait until the download and update process is complete.

At the end of the update, the system restarts the computer with special approval. This is the final step that allows users to immediately get the latest version of Windows 10 system.

2. Via Windows Update

2. Via Windows Update

Besides how to update windows 10 above, you can use the Windows Update feature which is the default computer operating system. This method does not require additional software when updating the operating system.

Even so, it is recommended to wait for notifications or notifications first before updating Windows 10. However, you can still update without waiting for the notification. Here are the steps:

  • Open menu Settings on their respective Android devices.
  • Select button check update availability.
  • After the download process is complete, you should restart the computer first.
  • Next, Windows 10 updates run automatically.

This method takes quite a long time. So, you have to be extra patient when using this second method. Make sure the device has at least 60 percent battery, so it doesn’t fail when updating the system.

3. Media Creation Tool

3. Media Creation Tool

This feature is also often known as MCT. Here are the steps to update using this feature:

  • First, you must download and install MCT first.
  • Once installed, you can press the button Upgrade this PC Now.
  • choose Next to download the Windows 10 update file.
  • Later the license terms page will appear, you can click Accept if you accept these terms.
  • MCT automatically check the availability of Windows 10 updates.
  • If there are, the update file download process runs automatically.
  • You can see in the page section Ready to Install.
  • Just click install.
  • Make sure to choose Keep Personal files and apps to prevent applications and documents from being lost while the update is running.
  • Wait until the download process is complete.
  • Next install the downloaded what you did in the beginning.

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4. Using Microsoft Update Catalog

4. Using Microsoft Update Catalog

If you need a Windows 10 update that is safe as well as guaranteed legality, Microsoft Update Catalog is the choice. Here are the steps:

  • Login to site https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Home.aspx via respective browsers.
  • Enter the update file needed in the Start your search field.
  • To Windows 10 updates, type
  • choose architecture and versions according to laptop products that you have.
  • Click Download.
  • After the download is complete, install files the download.

Done, Windows 10 update successfully completed. The important thing after updating Windows 10 is restarting your PC or laptop. The time required for the update varies quite a bit because it depends on the internet connection and device version.

It is recommended not to just update manually. However, take advantage of the scheduling system so that the operating system is more secure and up to date regularly. How to update Windows 10 very easy, right? There is no reason not to enjoy the latest version of Windows 10.

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