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Filter Girls Become a Viral Boy on TikTok

Filter Girls Become a Viral Boy on TikTok

Pikipo – Trends in Social Media are always changing over time.

If you are active on social networks, be it Instagram or TikTok, of course you already know about the filter trend that can turn girl photos into boys and boys photos into girls instead.

This photo trend as a boy is going viral on TikTok.

Many people have shared their Girls’ or Boy’s versions of their photos.

The results of the gender change are also very significant, very similar to the original face but different gender.

Well, if you are curious about how to change a girl’s photo to a boy’s, then you can listen to the tutorial below.

Note: Actually, the method is almost the same as the tutorial that I explained in my previous article about Filter to be a Girl, but because this is for women who want to see their male version of the photo, then I’ll just explain again for the Girl version to Boy version.

Filter Girls to Boys That Go Viral on TikTok

The way to change your girl’s photo into a boy is very easy.

The application you need is FaceApp.

With this FaceApp application, you can edit your photos with various options according to your wishes.

After you install the FaceApp application, the next step is all you have to do is select the photo you want to turn into a boy. We recommend choosing a photo with a clear face image.

After that you choose Gender Filter then select next Male Filters here there are 2 types of male filters that you can use, just choose according to your wishes.

To make the results more interesting, you can add glasses or beards.

Done, easy isn’t it.

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There are lots of face filters that you can use here. Please you experiment so that your results can be even better.

Don’t forget to edit your friends’ photos so they will be surprised by the results.

That’s all and good luck.

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