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FF Redeem Code 30 May 2021 Free Diamond And Update OB22

Fingka.com – This is the latest ff 2021 redeem code for today Saturday 30 May 2021 that Fingka.com can provide from the Indonesian Free Fire community.

You can exchange this ff redeem code on 30 May 2021 on the official Garena Free Fire website, namely at Garena Free Fire FF Rewards. AKM Weapons, AWN Sniper Weapon Skins and Free DJ Alok.

Please also ensure that Fingka.com never asks for User ID and Password for your Free Fire game account. So make sure that the Free Fire game account you have is safe and keep the FF game password secret that you created.

Never give your FF Account User ID and Password to other people or through an unofficial website from Garena that asks for User ID and Password access because this is to avoid acts of theft and fraud that are rampant on the internet so you don’t lose your Free game account. The fire you have.

Here, Fingka.com gives how to Redeem the FF Code that you got today, Saturday 30 May 2021. Follow the step by step that Fingka.com provides below

Free Fire Redeem Code Terms & Conditions

How to Redeem FF Code May 30, 2021

1. The given FF Redeem Code Saturday 30 May 2021 can be exchanged on the official Garena Free Fire website, namely https://reward.ff.garena.com

2. Please login to the Free Fire account that you have that has been bind using your Facebook account or VK account

3. Please enter the latest FF redeem code today in the column ‘Redeem Your Code‘ then select confirm.

4. The Free Fire item prize that you get after redeeming the FF Code will be sent directly to your FF In-game Mail Account

After you know the step by step you have to do after getting the latest free fire redeem code for today, the next step you have to do is to redeem the FF code to the official Garena com Rewards FF website which is given in full above.

Here, Fingka.com provides a list of the latest FF redeem codes today, May 30, 2021 that you can immediately exchange for items and prizes in the Free Fire game you are playing.

FF Redeem Code Today

FFSL-SI2H-45ZV – Dragon AK Weapon Skin

FFSL-A4AK-BEKK – Free Character DJ Alok

CHIL-3081-3TYR – Premium Clothing Skin

T4W4-1S62-W564 – Free Diamonds

G4D1-126E-4D5S – Free Diamonds

FBSH-ARE1-0RB0 – Skin AKM Free Fire

CANG-FATA-6ZIL – SMG Free Fire Skin

FB49-5MLI-KESP – Skin Emote

FF49-MLIK-ESGV – Skin Random

While the code below that Fingka.com got is a free FF diamond redeem code that you can get.

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I7O4-JH5D-1S26-VS4A – 600 Diamonds

H4F1-DF1C-2C6F-5DS – 290 Diamonds

FGFD-G41D-SF5G-DS – 310 Diamonds

DF45-SDF4-S5DF-454 – 410 Diamonds

Latest Free Fire OB22 Update

After Garena Free Fire opens access to the Advance Server, the following are the updates that will be provided in the latest session. The complete Free Fire OB22 update includes

Wolfrahh’s New Character

The new Free Fire character Wolfrahh has a Spotlight skill that can increase damage to shots in the hands and feet.

M82B Sniper Rifle Weapon Update

Update a new weapon with the name Sniper Rifle M82B which will make your sniper skills tested even higher in the free fire game that you play

AN94 Spine Punk Weapon Update

Update the new weapon Spine Punk AN94 which will be a competitor of existing weapons, namely Lively Beast XM8.

With the latest Free Fire update, OB22, it is hoped that the Free Fire game will be more popular and have more fans.

Until now, there is no complete information on the date of the update for this OB22 Free Fire. It is possible that the Free Fire update will be carried out in June.

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