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FF OB28 Patch Notes Leaked: New Weapons and Character Balance

JSMediaOB28 Patch Patches has entered the Free Fire Advaced Server a while ago. This means that the patch will soon be ready for release on the original server. And Garena FF Indonesia is also holding a June Patch update in the near future.

So, what are the changes in the OB28 Free Fire patch update? Of course you are curious about the new features or character and weapon nerf buffs that will be present later. For this reason, Jakarta Studio will discuss it in full.

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List of OB28 Free Fire Patch Updates

Update patches are always first applied to the advanced server before entering the original server. So that only a few people can go to advanced server ff only one can try it.

But don’t worry, because usually there are a lot of testers who leak about what updates will be present in the patch notes later. Here are some leaks that are likely to be released for the OB28 patch.

D-Bee’s New Character

D-Bee New Character Free Fire

As Jakarta Studio has discussed before, that on the June Patch or OB28 Patch we will arrive new character named D-Bee. It has a skill to increase movespeed and accuracy by 25%-70% when moving (depending on level).

New Mini Uzi Weapon

Leaked June Patch FF Update

In addition to the arrival of new characters, we will also have a new SMG type weapon, the Mini Uzi. Of course this is good news especially for Uzi fans. It can be used as a secondary weapon with a high rate of fire and high accuracy for close combat.

Here are the stats of the Mini Uzi:

  • Damage: 17
  • Rate of fire: 0.055
  • Cartridge: 18
  • Attachments: None

Bring Ice Grenade

OB28 FF Patch Leaks

Furthermore, there is also the Ice Grenade which will be present in the Classic Battle Royale and Contra Squad modes. This weapon when thrown will explode like a grenade.
But after that he will spread an aura that continues to cause damage followed by a freezing effect that will reduce the speed of movement and shoot both enemies and friends.

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New Pet Dr. Beanie

OB28 FF Patch Leaks

Our new pet figure has the form of a duck. But make no mistake, because he is a doctor you know. Dr. Beanie also has a passive skill that will increase movespeed when crouching by 30/40/60%.

Character Update Balancing

Leaked June Patch FF Update

The thing that is most often asked when updating a patch is character balancing. Who gets buffs and nerfs in this update? So, here’s a sneak peek for you.


Clu’s skill allows him to track the position of nearby opponents. However, now the Clue character is still rarely used because it is considered less META. So in this patch he gets a buff:

  • Range : 30/35/40/40/45/50m > 50/55/60/65/70/75m
  • Skill Duration : 5/5.5/6/6.5/7s > 5/5.5/6/6.5/7/7.5s
  • W Usage Time : 50s > 75/72/69/66/63/60s
  • The enemy’s position will be visible to friends at level 4.


Laura’s ability to increase accuracy when using the Scope is indeed helpful for sniper players. However, it seems that he still needs a buff to increase his popularity.

  • Improved Accuracy When Using Scope:
    14/10/18/22/26/30 > 13/10/17/22/28/35


For this update, Paloma also gets a buff where his Arms dealing ability can be used for all types of ammo other than 40mm.

  • Ammo Capacity : 30/60/90/120/150/180 to 45/60/75/90/105/120 (Will not take up backpack capacity)

Weapon Update Balancing

OB28 FF Patch Leaks

Some weapons will also experience balancing to make it more stable and balanced. The following weapons will get buffs and nerfs in the OB28 update later:

M1917 (Buff)

  • Minimum Damage : 36 > 45
  • Effective range : 25%


  • Accuracy : +28%
  • Rire Rate : +25% (In Machine Gun Mode)
  • Damage Multiplier : +120% (Only on Ice Wall, Oil Barrel and Vehicles)


  • Machine Gun Mode Damage : +5
  • Damage Multiplier : +60% (Only on Ice Wall, Oil Barrel and Vehicles)


  • Damage to Hands and Feet : +25%
  • Body Damage : -10%
  • Armor Penetration : +40%

Additional Grenade Slots

In the OB28 patch update, Garena will add a new type of utility with the presence of a Grenade Slot on the HUD. So that it will make it easier for players to exchange between grenade weapons they have in their inventory.


That’s a complete discussion of the leaked OB28 Free Fire patch update this time. There are lots of interesting features ranging from weapons, pets to new characters that will be present later. Surely this update will be coming soon and we can try it on the original server.

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