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FF Amphibious Cars, These 4 Best Locations To Get It

Amphibious Car FF – Games with the survival genre are indeed loved and played by gamers. This has an impact on the hecticness of various social media such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, which only discuss all kinds of games in the Free fire game.

What is the Free Fire game?

Free fire is a game in which there are 50 other players who will be plunged into a large map. And in this game, one team must kill each other, in the end the one who survives until the end of the game will win the game.

New Features In Free Fire

Free fire often presents the latest features that you can try. One of the newest at this time is the emergence of a vehicle that can be used on land or in the water. These vehicles can help you move to other locations on the map, and these vehicles are considered the most powerful in the Free Fire game. The vehicle is called an amphibious car in Free Fire.

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Because many Free Fire players are so strong they are looking for this amphibious car. To find it, there are several locations that are often considered the location of the emergence of this amphibious car. Below I will give some locations for the presence of amphibious cars on Free Fire.

The Best Location To Get Amphibious Cars In Free Fire

The most powerful and tough vehicle in the Free Fire game is an amphibious car. It’s not easy to get the car because many other players also want to use it, so you have to compete and be fast and get it in the Free Fire game. To make it easier to get it, please land at the location I recommend below.

1. Landing On Sentosa Island

Because the location of this island is bordered by the sea and rivers, many consider this location very suitable for the existence of amphibious cars. You can find amphibious cars around the bridge area on Sentosa Island. chances are in this place you will find more than 1 Amphibious car.

2. Coming to the Equator

the second location I recommend at the Equator. You just come to this location and look for a house that has a garage, usually an amphibious car will be parked in front of the garage. If you are lucky then you will find it quickly.

3. Go To Reverse

This location is located in the middle of the Free Fire game map and at the same time there is a river above it on a bridge that makes this place a target for Free Fire players. Because the location near the river is indeed suitable for the existence of amphibious cars.

4. Land on the Water Front

Well, for this last location, the waterfront is located right on the coast. To be able to find it, you have to try to find it in the houses around the beach, usually parked in front of the house. Because of its location on the beach, it is possible that more than one car can be found in amphibious cars.

Note: It would be nice when you want to land at a certain location first, discuss it with your team. So that later there will be no miscommunication and commotion among the team that will make the game strategy chaotic. Those who don’t even get the amphibious car.

That’s the discussion about “The Best Locations To Get Amphibious Cars On Free Fire”. Hopefully this article will make it easier for you to play the Free Fire game.

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