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EXP Lane Explanation in the Latest Mobile Legends Game

Pikipo – EXP Lane Explanation in the Latest Mobile Legends Game

EXP Lane Explanation in the Latest Mobile Legends Game

The Mobile Legends game carried out a major update at the end of September 2021, one of which was the addition and changes to the lane function in each different lane.

This change also includes an addition to the jungler role, which is now an important role in the game. For those who want to know more about the Jungler role and the best jungler heroes, you can read about it here.

Not discussing the jungler role, on this occasion I will give an explanation of what EXP Lane is and the things we must do when playing in EXP Lane.

For those of you who are still confused about the EXP lane, especially for Fighter users who usually serve as Offlaners, there is nothing wrong if you read this article because it will increase your knowledge about the latest gameplay of the fighter that you must know.

What is EXP Lane or EXP Laner?

Actually EXP Lane is a lane that was used to be used by Offlaner only in this update it was changed to Exp Lane and Offliner heroes can now also be called EXP Laner heroes. To play in this lane, it is recommended to go solo and try to do a last hit on the last minions because it will give you more EXP.

The exp lane is in the lane close to the turtle’s position, so in a game the exp lane position of each team is opposite.

For heroes who fit in this lane are heroes who are fighter or strong Offlaner to play solo because they have to maintain the Turret and get a faster level.

For the Gold obtained in the first 3 minutes from the Exp Lane itself, more than from the Mid lane and only slightly behind from the Gold Lane. So this lane is very useful for fighters where the fighter is a hero who is difficult to get to a fast level.

Duties of an EXP Laner or Offlaner

Unlike other roles, Offlaner’s task in this latest update is to maintain the turret and occasionally ganking in the mid area. Its main task is to destroy the opponent’s turret.

An Offlaner is only required to join the war if a team fight occurs around the mid area or turtle area.

In addition, another task that must be considered is doing a split push to distract the opposing team so that their focus is disturbed. One more thing, an Offlaner is required not to die silly because it will be very detrimental to the team and himself.

For heroes who are suitable as Offlaners are Chou, Hilda, Yu Zhong and other Fighter heroes. If you want to see the strongest Fighter in season 18, you can see it here.

Now that was an explanation of Lane EXP in the Mobile Legends game this time. Hopefully it can make your game even better.

Hopefully this article is useful.

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