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Everything New In Sakura School Simulator Version 1.037.00

Everything New In Sakura School Simulator Version 1.037.00

Everything New In Sakura School Simulator Version 1.037.00

Pikipo – The Sakura School Simulator simulator game has just made its latest update with a Halloween theme. The update this time is quite big because there are lots of new things added to this game, ranging from bicycles, wheelchairs, cars, and so on.

In this update, the Sakura School Simulator game feels a little different than usual. Feels better this time. For the appearance of the background such as houses and new places, many have been changed and added.

One example is like at home. The house has been slightly changed to be more futuristic and more modern than usual. For our own house to be bigger and converted into two floors.

For the costumes, there are also new ones, namely vampire costumes and mummy costumes. If we wear a vampire costume, our jetpack will automatically turn into wings and look more natural.

For those of you who haven’t updated the latest version, you can read my previous article on How to Update Sakura School Simulator Latest Version 1.037.00.

So, instead of being confused to find out what’s new in the Sakura School Simulator Update this time, it’s better for us to share or watch videos from Nafisa Fidela regarding the review of the latest update this time. Click play to watch it.

Well how? a complete review from the video review above.

Do you like the latest update of this Sakura School Simulator game?

I myself can say that I really like the latest update this time because there are many improvements and new things added, but one thing I’m still waiting for – waiting for and I hope is the addition of the online mabar feature in this game, so we can play with friends and enjoy the fun in this game together. Hopefully the developer will add this feature to make it even more fun hehe.

That’s all the discussion this time about everything that’s new in Sakura School Simulator Version 1.037.00.

So, hopefully useful.

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