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Especially for LDR fighters, avoid this attitude so that your relationship lasts forever

Especially for LDR fighters, avoid this attitude so that your relationship lasts forever

Pikipo – Talking about LDR or Long Distance Relationship, surely many people are in this long distance relationship either because of work, because of education or others.

For the LDR fighters, there are many ups and downs and surely all of them also know that not many romantic relationships that are established can last forever, even run aground in the middle of the road.

Actually LDR is easy to live and not a complicated problem.

It is our attitude that will determine everything. In addition, maturity and mutual understanding also have a big role in the longevity of this long-distance relationship.

For the LDR Fighters, this time we will give some tips so that the relationship remains lasting even though the distance lies and cannot meet every time.

In establishing a healthy LDR relationship, there are several attitudes that you must avoid so that your relationship remains durable and lasting.

Want to know what it is, take a good look at the following reviews.


In a romantic relationship, we must not raise our own ego, sometimes we also have to give in, for example in an argument, because if no one relents, don’t expect your relationship to be fine. You should not think too much about yourself, but you should also think about your partner.

This selfish attitude is a natural attitude and is owned by everyone, but if we can control the selfish attitude and desire to win alone, then the partner will also respect you as a good partner.


Relationships that are filled with suspicion can trigger fights and will actually make your relationship unhealthy because of frequent fights that occur due to suspicion for no reason.

Quarrels can indeed make relationships better and can make us know more about our partners, but if fights occur every day and it’s because of our own ego then don’t expect more to be able to maintain your LDR relationship.

Excessive suspicion can make your partner uncomfortable because you feel you don’t trust him, the point is why be in a relationship if there is no trust? Of course you don’t want it if your relationship ends because of something ridiculous.

Especially for LDR fighters, avoid this attitude so that your relationship lasts forever


Stubbornness is very annoying, especially that trait is owned by our partner. Those who are stubborn and always stick to their stance, whether it’s wrong or right.

Even though in a stubborn love relationship there are positive things, you should be good at responding, because actually right and wrong it depends on each person’s point of view.

Everyone’s point of view is different, so we can’t force our truth on others.

The thing we can do is open up to each other and take the middle ground of the problems we are facing with our partner.


Because they are too busy with various things, the longer communication is rarely carried out, so that they appear indifferent to each other or ignore each other.

Yet the commitment to communicate with each other is very important.

Sufficient communication doesn’t have to be there every second, just enough that we can keep our partner calm and not make him worried or suspicious.

The thing that most often happens if we even ignore each other during LDR, the relationship can crack because you feel your relationship has become tasteless.


Being too possessive and always controlling everything your partner does will only make things worse.

A possessive partner who is always suspicious of everything we do here can also make us uncomfortable. Being overly possessive can backfire in a long distance relationship, but it is very important to have an attitude of mutual trust to keep the relationship healthy.

Those were some of the attitudes that you should avoid if you want your relationship to last during LDR.

LDR relationships are more difficult than those that can meet at any time because the best communication is to meet.

The relationship we live in is our own choice, so don’t let us regret the decisions we have made ourselves.

Thank you and hopefully useful.

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