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Easy! How to Withdraw TikTok Lite Balance to OVO Without a Long Wait

JSMedia – Is it true that TikTok Lite is giving away free OVO balance? Here is some information about collecting points and how to withdraw TikTok Lite balance to OVO.

After releasing the Lite version of the application, TikTok doubles as a money-making application. Not only applies to new members, old users can also get abundant money opportunities.

It is said that this application allows its users to withdraw their e-wallet balance. However, from the experience of some users of money-making applications, many only make promises and cannot make withdrawals.

Can TikTok Lite Make Money?

Can TikTok Lite Make Money?

Of course! This free OVO balance event just started some time ago. This is evident from the number of users who have managed to withdraw their money up to hundreds of thousands of rupiah. Even 10 thousand dollars can be withdrawn.

You don’t have to worry about the legality, because the TikTok Lite apk is released directly by the same company as the TikTok and Douyin apk applications.

To prove it, download the money-making TikTok Lite right now. After that, register and collect points as described below.

How to Collect Rupiah on TikTok Lite

How to Collect Rupiah on TikTok Lite

When you first enter the application, you will immediately be given 3000 points. If you want more points, there are several tasks to do, namely watching videos and entering referral codes A9280337059.

First, click the My menu in the lower right corner. Then, click on the task of watching the video. Each mission gives you a different amount of points depending on how long you watch the video. Once the mission is complete, click the gold coin icon on the left of the screen. Then a number of points will fill your balance automatically.

The points obtained from the first mission will continue to increase as long as you keep watching. Follow the mission instructions until you reach the 4th task.

If you want more points in one task, you must share a referral code. A referral code is a code obtained from your TikTok account which can later be used by other users.

This code containing a combination of letters and numbers is used as an invitation. Hundreds of thousands of points will be awarded if the invitation is widely used.

To get this invitation code, find the coins around the TikTok Lite screen. After tapping the coin, you will be directed to the invitation page. The invite button will be visible in a striking display so you will easily find it. Click the button, then your referral code will appear. Copy the code and share on all social media you have.

Of the many followers you have, there will definitely be those who are interested in using it. To attract the masses, share code in the comments of artists or influencers. This effort will be comparable to the results obtained, which is 60 thousand rupiah for the friends you have invited.

Have you practiced it? If the points have been collected, follow the next step, namely withdrawing the balance.

7 Ways to Withdraw TikTok Lite Balance to OVO

7 Ways to Withdraw TikTok Lite Balance to OVO

When viewed from the application, there are several methods that can be used for withdrawals, namely bank accounts, DANA, and also OVO. For those of you OVO users, here are the steps.

  1. Login with your registered TikTok Lite account.
  2. On the app dashboard, select Me to find the coin icon around the profile. If you click on the symbol, you will be directed directly to the withdraw menu for withdrawal.
  3. Next, click the button that says “interesting” [jumlah saldo] with [jumlah poin]”
  4. Specify the amount of money you want to withdraw, then select Withdraw Balance.
  5. Adjust to the account you have, whether bank transfer, OVO, or DANA.
  6. Select the Withdraw money now option.
  7. In a few seconds the money will go directly to your digital account.

It should be noted that how to withdraw TikTok Lite balance to OVO this can only be done once per 1 x 24 hours. Withdrawals are not subject to an admin fee. Already got free money, plus zero admin fees, it’s beautiful when we only have cellphones we can earn money on Tiktok Lite up to millions of rupiah.

What are you waiting for? You just need to fulfill the balance TikTok you with points and enjoy the benefits. There are already many who make money up to hundreds of thousands of rupiah with TikTok. Immediately join this profitable money-making event!

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