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Dynamic Duo FF Leaks, Latest Features for Advance Server 2021!

Fingka.com – Recently there is a hot discussion about Dynamic Duo FF. This is the latest feature that has actually been released on the advance server. However, the dynamic duo has not yet been released on the Garena Free Fire original server. Then what are the functions and uses of this one feature?

This dynamic duo ff feature was first released on the advance server. For those who don’t know, advance server is a special server created by Garena Free Fire to test new features in the game. So before a feature or event is released on the main Garena server, it will be tried first on the advance server.

So that later when it is released on the Garena server, each region is completely ready and no bugs or errors occur. But not everyone can play on this advance server. To be able to access it we need a special code, for those who want to know please read the article how to get free fire advance server access code which Jakarta Studio has discussed before.

Features of Dynamic Duo Free Fire

Features of Dynamic Duo FF

Now back to our main discussion about the latest features that have been released on the Advance Server. Namely the dynamic duo ff feature, did you know? As the name suggests, this is a feature that can make us feel at home playing as a duo. Because through this dynamic duo we can increase the level of relationship with a mabar friend. What does it mean?

As we know that playing free fire sometimes it will feel more fun if you hang out with a friend. And this dynamic duo feature will provide more benefits if we often hang out with friends. Later there will be several levels that are owned depending on how high the level of our relationship is.

And if you have reached a certain level, you will receive attractive rewards or prizes. The higher the level of our dynamic duo relationship, the more prizes we can get. That’s why this feature will certainly increase the interest of free fire players to invite new friends.

How to Use FF’s Dynamic Duo Feature

This feature is arguably very interesting because we have more opportunities to get various kinds of prizes. And of course mabar will make our level rise quickly and make the game more exciting. Then how can we try this dynamic duo feature?

In order to use it, we need something called Golden Vow. This item can be obtained by players by buying it through the shop. Where the Golden Vow will later be used to establish a partnership with a friend. If the friend you sent a request for a dynamic duo partner accepts, they can immediately carry out the mission. But if they refuse, the Golden Vow will be returned and you can find another partner.

Dynamic Duo FF Benefits and Prizes

Features of Dynamic Duo FF

Apart from being able to increase interest in getting together with friends, this dynamic duo feature also provides other benefits. One of them is with various attractive prizes that we can get. There are about 5 levels in dynamic duo that can be achieved by free fire players. In each level there will be various interesting rewards. In order to level up, we only need to play with dynamic duo partners and complete existing missions.

How to Change Dynamic Duo FF Partners

Maybe you are confused, when your mabar friends are busy so they can’t play to complete the mission. This will certainly disrupt the process of increasing your dynamic duo level. Is there a way to break the relationship and find another partner again? Of course there is, we can freely change partners.

All we need to do is file a dynamic duo disconnection. Later our partners will be notified for approval. So what if they don’t agree? Then we just send the disconnection request a second time. Then within 48 hours your dynamic duo connection will be automatically disconnected.

This will also reset all relationship points that have been obtained. So later if you get a new dynamic duo partner, then the level will be repeated from 1. But don’t worry, if you are diligent in learning and completing missions, you will level up quickly and get more prizes.


Well, that’s a complete discussion about the leaked dynamic duo free fire feature that has been released on the advance server. As for the dynamic duo ff release date on the Garena server, we just have to wait. Possibly in the near future, this feature will be released directly on the original free fire server. Hopefully the above information can be useful for all of us.

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