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Dulang Viral Bali Again Crowded on Facebook, Chat Sulinggih Invites to Buy Dulang Meet at the Hotel

Dulang Viral Bali Again Crowded on Facebook, Chat Sulinggih Invites to Buy Dulang Meet at the Hotel
Screenshot taken from FB Komang Priambada II

Dulang Bali Viral. Lately, social media, especially Facebook, is going viral regarding a case that has grabbed a lot of attention where a conversation about the young Sulinggih WhatsApp application in Bali, Ida Shri Nabe Mas Dalem, circulated. The conversation went viral because he invited a female panjak to take him to buy a tray for ceremonial purposes. However, the meeting location is in a hotel.

The upload of the conversation was on Agus Gunawan’s social media status and became trending on social media. To the point of making some comments, they regretted it if it was actually done by the young Sulinggih.

Responding to this, Komang Priambada from the Hindu Wisdom Movement throughout the archipelago through an open letter on social media hopes that Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia (PHDI) Bali Province can quickly respond to this. His faction submitted an application to the PHDI, because as the holder of the authority to grant Diksa permits to the Sulinggihs.

It was noted that the request was addressed to the Chairperson of PHDI Bali. “With respect and deep concern, we must submit our request to PHDI as the authority to grant Diksa permits to Sulinggihs. One individual Sulinggih has become a suspect in sexual harassment and another is currently viral (the photo is attached which we got from Facebook as well) with almost the same case.” This was written by Komang Priambada, Sunday (7/3).

Through this open letter on Facebook, Komang Priambada wants answers via social media because this problem has gone viral. “This is important, where we want this to be opened to the public and use social pressure to prevent this from happening again, as well as a lesson for all of us,” he explained.

In fact, Komang Priambada asked PHDI to ask Nabe from the Sulinggih person to revoke the title of Kesulinggih and expel them, at the same time not acknowledging that he was Nabe’s sister, and withdraw the certificate that had been issued.

Verified Chairman of PHDI Bali, Prof. I Gusti Ngurah Sudiana, Sunday (7/3) explained that his faction had visited Ida Shri Nabe Mas Dalam’s home. However, the envoy from PHDI did not find Ida Shri Nabe in her gria and it was reported that she was in another location.

“Our step at PHDI is to check the truth first. Is that true or not. This morning a delegation from PHDI came to his house, but there was no one. So the envoy will check again tomorrow,” said the man from Karangasem.

While being asked when it really existed, what did PHDI Bali do? Prof. Sudiana said that his faction would first meet at PHDI. “If it’s true, we will meet it first. For tomorrow’s envoy will go back to check there,” he explained.

While it was confirmed by Ida Shri Nabe Mas Dalem, until this news was made, he had not been able to provide information. Even though when contacted the phone always rings, but no one answers.

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