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Download NP Modz Apk, Latest Mobile Legends Cheats 2021

Fingka.com – The increasing popularity of Mobile Legends as one of the most popular games in Indonesia is increasingly difficult to beat. New players arrive with the hope of winning the game. Even though the reality is difficult, loyal players are still addicted to this one game. To help these gamers, finally an application that is useful for all players appears.

Get to know NP Modz Apk

Get to know NP Modz Apk

NP Modz is a mobile legends game modification application that has unlimited Cost, Unlock All Skin and Drone View features.

NP Modz apk ML is here to help complete skin items that you don’t have. That way, you also have the possibility to win. Already got free skins, can win matches too. Who wouldn’t?

Are you curious too? To make the game even more exciting, download and install the following Modz application for Mobile Legends, from basic explanations, functions, to how to use it.

Features of NP Modz Apk ML

Features of NP Modz Apk ML

NP Modz apk is a special mod application for online games Mobile Legends. Lately this application is on the rise because it claims to be able to help users win matches easily and quickly.

The application has been equipped with many useful features for cheats when playing ML games. The first feature is All Skin, where you can collect various kinds of free skins that can be used when needed.

In addition to these features, several other features are no less interesting, both in terms of appearance and usability. There are Drone View, Radar No Icon, Max Emblem MPL, No Mana Cost, Map Hack, Support Patch Transformers, Unlimited Gold, and Support All Devices.

System Requirements NP Modz Apk

App NameNP Modz
File Size248.1 MB
Operating systemAndroid 4.0 or Higher
DeveloperNP Modz

Download Link NP Modz Apk ML

After knowing that NP Modz has complete features, are you curious to use it immediately? The following is the latest ML modz application which was just updated on 27 August. Download via the following link:

Download NP Modz Apk Mobile Legends

Although not officially available on the Play Store, this application can still be installed on any device. You just need to click the link above, then press the Download button. Before downloading, make sure your storage space can fit up to 250 MB.

How to Install NP Modz Apk ML

How to Install NP Modz Apk ML

If the file has been downloaded to completion, do the application installation process. Follow these steps to simplify the installation process.

  1. If you already have the Mobile Legends application, don’t log out of the account, but that’s enough uninstall just the application.
  2. Entered into Phone settings then select Security.
  3. Tick installation permission from unknown sources.
  4. Then, open download save to find the mod file that was downloaded earlier.
  5. After clicking, select menu Install which is in the lower right corner.
  6. Wait until the application installation process is complete.
  7. After nnotification appears, then you can use it right away.
  8. Preferably before use, do restart so that the performance of the modz ML application is maximized.

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How to Use Cheats with NP Modz Apk ML

How to Use Cheats with NP Modz Apk ML

Before using it, you are required to login first in the NP Modz that has been installed. Then enter the following username and password:

  • Username : GoodGame
  • Password: transformers

If logging in using the data above still fails, get a new username by clicking the button Get Key and User. Continue by pressing the Continue button so you can connect to a website. Then activate one of the features you want to use. Then open the Mobile Legends application.

Does NP Modz Apk ML Work?

Does NP Modz Apk ML Work?

From the source alone, it can be characterized that this application can endanger players, both in terms of data security and registered account status. The cheat application is an application that is very contrary to the developer’s principles, so it is impossible to collaborate, let alone to give free skins.

That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be used, it’s just that the risk will be fully borne if you still want to use this application. Success or failure of the application must be tried first, right? Use some of the tutorials above to prove whether it works or is a hoax.

To stay safe, prepare an antivirus to detect any viruses and malware brought from mod applications that come from this unknown source.

Of course, this application is very risky, starting from the possibility of data leaks, copyright infringement, virus-affected device systems to banned ML accounts.

So, are you still interested in trying it? Every now and then trying a cheat app is fine, as long as it’s back on the official platform.

NP Modz Apk FAQ

What is NP Modz Apk?

  • NP Modz is a mobile legends game modification application that has unlimited Cost, Unlock All Skin and Drone View features.

What are the advantages of NP Modz APK?

  • Unlimited Cost, Unlock All Skins and Drone View.

Is it safe to use NP Modz Apk?

  • Because it is against the terms and conditions of Mobile Legends both in terms of data security and account status, then this application is categorized as unsafe for players.

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