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Download the Latest Unlimited Free Fire Diamond Cheats 2021

JSMedia – In the past, if there were interesting items in the game, maybe we could just stare at them because we didn’t have the money to buy diamonds. Now you don’t need to do that anymore because there is already a solution, which is to use the cheat apk Unlimited Free Fire diamonds.

The two newest diamond cheat applications in 2021 will give you unlimited FF diamonds. The recommended applications will be discussed one by one, then followed by a tutorial on how to install.

But is it safe to use this application? Before answering, first download the following FF diamond cheat applications.

Free Fire Unlimited Diamond Cheats APK Download Link 2021

You certainly want to quickly download Unlimited Diamonds and install this apk.

1. FF Unlimited Diamonds Mod

The first recommended choice is the FF mod application Unlimited Diamonds. This application is not included in the Garena project, in other words it was formed by an unofficial third party.

Before downloading, it is recommended to prepare enough memory space on the device that you will use to install the application. This one application alone will take up almost 600 MB of capacity.

To avoid lag and other damage due to system imbalance, it’s best if the phone that will be used is quite capable. For example, already using Android OS version 4.4 or higher, and at least 2GB RAM.

Because it was made by a different developer, it must be downloaded via a browser and then click the following link to download the application.

  • Link Download Apk Mod FF Unlimited Diamond
  • OBB file download link

How to install the Mod FF Unlimited Diamond application

This selected mod application can be installed without going through a stressful root process considering the risks are also great. You just need to enable unknown app sources in the Settings app before installing.

After these conditions are met, continue with the following installation steps.

  1. Make sure the downloaded file is downloaded properly.
  2. Open the OBB file and then copy it.
  3. Then open the Android folder in Internal Storage.
  4. Continue by selecting OBB.
  5. After that, install the application as usual until it’s finished.

After the OBB file transfer is done, the number of diamonds will increase very much automatically.

2. Diamond FF Script Application

In addition to the first application, you can choose the next recommendation, namely through the FF diamond script which will be attached below.

When compared to the previous method, this application can generate up to 99,999 free diamonds. Another advantage of the most important script is that it does not require a lot of space because the file size is only 40 kB.

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How to Get Unlimited Diamond FF Script

How to Get Unlimited Diamond FF Script

Do the following tutorial also you want to get FF Mods Unlimited Diamonds

  1. First download the diamond FF script that will be used: Script Unlimited Diamonds
  2. Click the Download button and wait for it to finish downloading.
  3. Locate the downloaded file into the internal storage.
  4. Go to the Android folder and then to the OBB folder.
  5. Change the file named “dts.freefirth” to dts.freefirth1.

If you are lucky enough, you can get unlimited diamonds for free.

Does Unlimited Free Fire Diamond Cheat Apk Work 100%?

So far, no one has said that the two applications described above can work. Instead, you have to be careful when dealing with cheat applications that are prohibited by Garena.

The final word

So that was how to get the diamond cheat apk Free Fire unlimited that you can try. Of course this application is already packed with the consequences. Hopefully how to install this unlimited cheat application can work 100%. Good luck getting free FF diamonds.


What is Diamond Free Fire Unlimited ?

Diamond FF Unlimited is an application that produces Diamond FF Unlimited without the slightest topup.

Is it true Diamond FF Unlimited Work 100% ?

So far, no one has said that the two applications described above can work.

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