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Download the Latest Alight Motion Jedug Presets and how to use them

Download the Latest Alight Motion Jedug Presets and how to use them

Pikipo – For those of you who like to edit videos with Alight Motion, of course you already know that we can edit videos very easily, by using presets.

For those who ask, what is the Alight Motion preset?

Alight Motion presets are settings from people’s Alight Motion video edits that we can use directly in our AM. So, we just need to change the words and photos as we wish.

By using Presets, we don’t need to be complicated and difficult because for beats and music, there are also preset settings and we just need to edit a little and it’s finished.

Discussing presets this time I will share a collection of some of the best Alight Motion Jedang Jedug presets in November 2021 that you can directly download and import into your AM application.

Before going to the download link, you must know in advance how to use AM Preset optimally in our AM Application. Also read: The name of the Black Face Mask IG Filter and how to use it

How to Add Alight Motion Preset

Actually, there are several ways that can be used to enter AM presets into our Alight Motion application, and the easiest way is to import via the share link from Alight Motion itself. Well and to share Projects or presets we need to use Alight Motion Pro, where we have to pay to be able to use it.

But even so, if we import presets we don’t need the Alight Motion Pro version, the free version alone can but sometimes it’s not optimal because some of the pro features are not available in the free version that we use.

Now, after knowing about the above, now is the way to Import Projects or Preset Alight Motion. The method is as follows.

  1. The trick is to use the preset share link from Alight Motion. This preset share link starts with http://alight.link/ where if we click the link then we can go directly to the Alight Motion application and add the preset to the project. An example of a Preset link like this http://alight.link/yT9zsoubd5kQFdXG9
  2. Click the Preset link and select the Alight Motion app to open it.
  3. When in the Alight Motion application, just select import and the new preset is available in your project.
  4. Edit presets, change fonts or images to your liking.
  5. Finished.

For those who want to download Alight Motion Pro for free, I will provide the application in a future article, so visit this blog often so you don’t miss it.

Now that you know how to enter Preset Alight Motion, now go to the download link for the best Preset Alight Motion Jedag Jedug.

Download the Latest Alight Motion Jedang Jedug Presets

Don’t forget to practice the method I explained above so that you don’t get confused when Importing the Preset to your Alight Motion.

The final word

That was the discussion about the AM Pausg Jedug Preset collection that you can directly download via this blog for free. If you are interested, please download and follow the method I explained above.

So, hopefully useful.

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