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Don't Get Angry, Do This When Doi Is Busy Playing Games

Don't Get Angry, Do This When Doi Is Busy Playing Games
Unplash/Taisiia Stupak

Pikipo – It is important for us to know when doi usually play games.

If we already know the schedule, we don’t need to be ‘busy’ chatting or calling them at that time.

Just give him free time to play games. Tell doi to contact us immediately after playing the game.

If we know his schedule for playing games, we won’t be angry with him for taking so long to reply to chat, right?

Things We Can Do When Couples Are Busy Playing Games

There are many interesting things you can do when your doi is busy with games.

Give him time for his own hobbies and give ourselves time for the things we like, for example as below:

1. Chat with your friends or go on a culinary trip to a new place. Young people say it’s going to be hits and not badass.

2. The Shopee basket seems empty, look at the interesting items you need. But remember, don’t be wasteful.

3. Check your social media and signal to your friends or fans if you are still alive and not a matchup.

4. Do your hobby, while you play games you can do it casually.

5. Take care or beautify yourself, you can go to the salon or do it yourself such as cutting nails, wearing nail polish, wearing face masks and so on.

6. Learn to cook or try new recipes. This is very positive for us, especially women who want to be an ideal partner.

7. Watch YouTube or Korean Drama for example.

8. Cleaning the house, you can also clean your room.

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9. Qtime with family, don’t just doi who get our time, family is also important.

10. I also play games, guys, even though we like different games. Doi mobile legends I’m pubg.

We use games for entertainment, guys, because each one has to focus on fighting for our careers and our future too. Thank God our relationship is fine.

This is my message..

Use your time to enjoy your own routine without depending on your partner. Aren’t you both adults? Adults build relationships with commitment.

If you give him the trust and freedom to do his job, he will love you even more who can understand him.

After all, isn’t he fighting for your happiness too? So, why are you still upset about not getting his attention? if they are busy with the game.. just enjoy it

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