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Don't Coup, Already Know What is Telegram Secret Chat? This is the explanation

JSMedia – Telegram is known for its unique features, so it’s no wonder that its users are increasing from time to time. One of the many features that are often asked by new users of this chat application is secret chat. What is Telegram secret chat?

Apart from privacy issues from competing applications, people choose to switch to Telegram because of the unique features in it. Like this one secret chat feature. For more details, the following is a complete explanation and how to use it.

About Secret Chat Telegram

About Secret Chat Telegram

From the name alone, you might have guessed that this feature allows users to create ‘secret messages’. But what kind of secret message?

Secret chat is a feature that allows you to start secret chats such as talking about privacy matters. This feature provides the option of deleting messages automatically. You can also set when the chat will be deleted. There is a choice of time, ranging from 1 second to 1 week.

Not only that, you are also allowed not to give permission to the chat opponent to take screenshots of messages sent in the chat room.

So, the principle of this secret chat is that no one will be able to access your chat. Even if the other person is chatting with you, here you are the one who holds the confidentiality arrangement.

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2 Ways to Use the Telegram Secret Chat Feature

2 Ways to Use the Telegram Secret Chat Feature

Interested in trying Telegram’s secret chat feature? There are two ways if you want to use this secret chat feature, namely:

The First Way Telegram Secret Chat

  1. Open the app Telegram already installed on your phone.
  2. Then select pencil icon in the lower right to start a chat.
  3. To start a new confidential chat, select New Secret Chat.
  4. Then, Telegram will display a list of contacts with whom you want to start this secret conversation.
  5. Type the name of the contact in the search field to make it easier to find chat partners.

The Second Way Telegram Secret Chat

  1. After opening the Telegram application, select three line icon on the main Telegram page. It’s in the left menu.
  2. Then, several options appeared. Click New Secret Chat to start a new secret conversation.
  3. Select the contact who will be the interlocutor in the secret chat.

After doing the two methods above, the chat view will be divided into two, namely a normal chat and a secret chat. Just ignore the regular chat option, and you can start secret chat right away.

This feature is indeed the main attraction of Telegram. After knowing what a Telegram secret chat is, it’s time for you to try it with the right chat opponent.

This feature is specifically designed to maintain the security of user privacy so that their chats on Telegram cannot be tapped by just anyone. However, the benefits are also only for certain times and conditions.

You still have to be vigilant about keeping your cell phone from being held by just anyone. As long as your cellphone is in someone else’s hands, anyone can open messages on your cellphone’s Telegram.

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