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Don't be an acute bucin, leave these things so that you are more mature

Pikipo – Bucin, a term for people who express too much or show their love for their partner. This slang term is called slave love.

Love may be dear, but remember, don’t be stupid, we hear these words often, don’t we?

Why do I say don’t be stupid?

In love it must be balanced, and love each other.

If it’s only on one side, it’s the same as we struggle alone, it seems that we are too much, instead we are used by our partner, besides that they will underestimate us because they feel we are the ones who need him the most.

Even though it’s hard for us to control when we’re in love, learn to think sane, guys.

For that, you can avoid the following things so that your bucin attitude is reduced and you are more mature in maintaining your attitude, especially in matters of love.

1. Prioritizing him too much

The first is to put too much emphasis on them. Indeed, he is very special to you, but don’t let your love hurt yourself.

Love is natural and honest, so love yourself guys.

2. All number two after your girlfriend

Doi is more important than your family, this is your god-level bucin guys.

Why do I say god level?

Try to understand your logic, surely you will realize it.

If you make them the highest priority above all else, then one day there will be a point where you will be disappointed. Remember that your family are the people who always support you, and remember that your boyfriend may not be your soul mate.

3. Leaving your friends / friends.

Your best friend is the 2nd person after your family before your boyfriend arrives, it’s your best friend who is always there for you, remember that.

Receiving a partner means also having to accept a package along with his life. If your partner is possessive, that’s fine as long as you know the place and don’t overdo it.

This usually happens when you just know him and have been dating for a while. Remember, who is always there when you are sad except your best friend.

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4. Leave Your Hobby

Remember, your world is not only about him.

Life is long and the world is wide, so there will still be lots of possibilities that will happen in the future.

Positive things that make you happy and happy if you are doing it, don’t sacrifice it just for something that is not necessarily good for you.

Try to reduce the sense of naivety in yourself so that our attitude is more mature.

5. Lazy to study just because of a fight.

Bastard !!

Your achievements will determine your future, not others, but in the end we ourselves will determine our own future.

Dating is an encouragement, not an obstacle. So stay strong, okay?

6. Quit work to spend time together.

Only you don’t get a day off when you want to date your boyfriend, you quit your hard-earned job.

Trust me, life gets tougher when you get older.

Life is not always easy, especially when it comes to work. Love is mutual understanding and affection is not just angry and then gone.

So it is mandatory to think carefully so that all decisions we make will not make ourselves regret.

7. Fear of Losing

This is what underlies the bucin attitude and is quite difficult to get rid of before you go numb.

You are too afraid to make him angry and end up always agreeing to his requests and opinions. In fact, you always fulfill his request even though you don’t like his request in your deepest heart, don’t make yourself depressed in this matter.

Love yourself, love your heart and love him as he loves you.

8. Forgetting Your Goals and Ideals.

If the presence of your boyfriend makes your life goals shift as if he is your world and you forget that someone’s feelings can change at any time.

So when he left you, what did you have?

Is there anything to be proud of?

Of course this can harm you.

Love is indeed beautiful, but sometimes it also leaves pain that is difficult to treat.

9. Material Sacrifice

For the sake of fulfilling the needs of your boyfriend, without thinking, always obey his requests.

Always buy things for him without you even realizing that your savings are a victim.

Remember, if you are not married then remember this “have you made your parents happy? Have you given many things to your parents who always selflessly take care of you?”.

10. Forgive Infidelity

Don’t just because you’ve been dating for a long time or already love you, you forgive your boyfriend’s mistakes, let alone cheating many times.

This one is not just an acute bucin, but stupid.

If you expect your boyfriend to be loyal, that’s wrong. If he really loves you does he have the heart to hurt you?

As for those who remain faithful despite being cheated on many times, you are amazing.

Ok guys, I hope you can realize it earlier and not as loud as I was before.

Thank you and hopefully useful.

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